In other words, Sunny Edward Scissor Hands.

Thanks Toronto, I just got sprung.

It’s spring, the sun peaked out over the clouds then tore them to shreds. It’s now beaming down with a smile spanning the entire sky. In the past few days Toronto has shifted from a reasonable 0-5°C to an unbelievable 24°C. I mean, I believe it because I can see/feel it, but I’m still not 100% convinced this isn’t some mean dream sequence about to be disrupted by a late game snow dump. Memories of a winter not long past are like pigeons waiting to shit on our hopes once more.

The lightness isn’t a mere physical sensation, but an actual phenomena that’s spread to mood and atmosphere. The city of Toronto planted flowers in its concrete planter boxes down Bloor St. Grinning people bedecked in sunglasses litter the footpaths. I’ve actually heard a few folks humming. Pleasantries exchanged between strangers, so easy to forget in the dark winter, are finding the light once more. Seeing strangers skipping down the road wouldn’t surprise me in the least. Frankly, delightfully chirpy cartoon birds wouldn’t be out of place in this setting. If everyday life feels like Disney, that should speak volumes.

A surefire sign that we’re on the upswing is the fact that our resident friendly neighbourhood energetic Latino music shirtless gardener dude is back. This guy is a treasure and a total joy to have around. While the sun is out, a few times a week I’ll see him chopping away with his trimmers, head bopping to that bassy upbeat Latino pop. His lawn is outstanding, with well curated trees adding a lovely rustic touch to a neighbourhood bordered by parks. Moreover, the enthusiasm he injects into the atmosphere is infectious. It’s hard not to be engaged by his cheerful demeanour and untempered zeal. We need more people in this world who just want to brighten the milieu.

Thing is, I’m basically an outdoor curmudgeon. I shun UV rays like any goth teenager. Who am I to mess with my natural alabaster complexion? Given this, it should be noted what a tonal transformation the weather has brought. I hung out with the gal I’m dating yesterday and she has a flat open roof. We climbed up there with coffees and soaked it all in. Fucking glorious. A cloudless sky enveloping us in warmth. Looking out across 360° of rooftops, peering at decks, patios and backyards. Seeing people so lit up by nature’s resurgence that they were practically floating.

My musical tastes are the next thing to shunt into place. I’ve already loaded Vampire Weekend and Passion Pit into the rotation. Shapeshifter and Fat Freddy’s Drop are queued up. Dirty Projectors and Tune-Yards can’t be far off. It’s time to eke out every last drop of sunshine while we have it.


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