On one hand there’d be blunt force trauma, but maybe it’d ward off scurvy?

Today is one of those days that just keeps giving. First off, it’s sunny and warm. Crazy sunny, in fact. It’s the kind of sunny where you can stroll around without need of long sleeves. Sunglasses are almost a necessity. A butterfly net wouldn’t be amiss, since chances are those little winged harbingers of idyllic Disney style joy are about to swarm en masse. I haven’t looked, but if I were a betting man I’d bet the pound of flesh closest to my heart that Torontonians have swarmed patios en masse too. I might even go have a fun park workout just because I can. ON A FRIDAY no less. I’m not even an outdoorsy person, so I hope that helps carry across just how blindingly brilliant it is outside.

Thing is, the weather is the least exciting thing happening right now. The music industry is making it rain in one of the most blissful sunshowers of recent memory. Radiohead dropped their single “Burn the Witch” the other day with a fittingly creepy stop motion animation Wicker Man homage (sans Nic Cage in a bear suit) produced by Starburns Industries. A portent for a great album to come that not only whets the appetite, but virtually has me salivating in a Pavlovian fashion. If that wasn’t enough, earlier today they released another track “Daydreaming” alongside a Paul Thomas Anderson directed music video. The biggest part wasn’t even the video, but the announcement that the new album will be with us as soon as Sunday. It’s been five years since King of Limb, both flesh and spirit are willing.

So this was fantastic news, but doesn’t captivate me quite as much as the surprise album release from James Blake that occurred at midnight. The Colour of Anything is at times both gorgeously expansive and chillingly minimalist. Haunted, broken beats refract like broken mirrors of Blake’s impeccably soulful voice. It’s an unfortunate happenstance that one of the album’s standout tracks “I Need a Forest Fire”, his collaboration with Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon, came at the time of Fort McMurray’s devastating blaze. Rough. It’s a long album with a lot to give. Has it only been three years since Overgrown?

If thaaaaat wasn’t enough, there’s been a new release by Anohni, the lead singer of both Hercules and Love Affair and Antony and the Johnsons. I’m only a few tracks in, but HOPELESSNESS grips you right from the start. I’m already smitten and I’m gonna be thrashing this one over the next few months. I advise you all to do the same.

To top everything off, I have a new squishy little nephew in the family. I’ve been waiting avidly for months since my Big Sis gave me the news and now I’ve finally seen the results of her labour. I mean, I can’t tell much from a swaddled newborn tiny human, but I can’t wait to see him come January. By now my niece is a real human with personality, so I’m gonna be flooded with littles by the time I cross hemispheres.

Life is giving so much right now. Is it about to start raining lemons?


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