Questions of self-ish.

It feels like ages since we last chatted like this. Just the two of us. Like that smash hit from Big Willie Style. I was so wrapped up in this whole dialogue exercise that I overlooked y’all. Then I went to that JPOP anime hologram show and THEN I wrote about writing dialogue. I’ve been so narcissistic, focusing on my things without even casting an ear towards your worries. So how’ve you been? Any trials and tribulations coming your way lately? How are the kids? They doing all those kid things like walking? Eating? Shitting? Sleeping? Breathing? Talking? Harvesting sunlight nutrients to acquire sweet, sweet vitamin D? What about the job? You going in day in/day out? Doing what you love? Loving what you do? Working Hard? Hardly working? All the livelong day? Burning the midnight oil? Keeping up with all that watercooler talk? Exchanging time and energy for financial recompense? Paying taxes? Meeting those minimum fiscal requirements for general life upkeep?

What about Adam? How’s Adam doing? He still doing all those typical Adam things like walking? Eating? Shitting? Sleeping? Breathing? Talking? Harvesting sunlight nutrients to acquire sweet, sweet vitamin D? Oh that Adam. You know ol’ Adam with his hair, skin pigments and nails. He’s one of those guys with a series of internal organs that keep his daily bodily functions running according to the demands of life, ain’t he? Such Adam behaviour. What a wild and crazy guy.

Enough about Adam anyway, what’ve you been up to? Been getting out of the house? Feeling the wind on your cheeks? Observing all the life going on around you? Interacting with other forms of matter? Going out to events with other people? Using sidewalks? Pressing buttons? Utilising electrical appliances? Going on the internet? Surfing the web? Travelling full speed down the information superhighway? Downloading data? Expending bandwidth? Beaming signals into outer space and back down to communicate with other users? Watching things? Reading things? Hearing things? Tasting things? Smelling things? Touching things? I thought so. Sounds right up your alley.

To be honest though, a conversation is a two way street. It’s a little rude that you haven’t asked what I’ve been up to, how my life’s been going. Surely if this really is a friendship you’d be interested in my trials and tribulations. I’m a bit miffed that you didn’t even inquire as to my goings on. This has all been a tad one sided, what with me asking all the questions and such. It’s like we don’t even talk no more. It’s all about you, you, you. Am I not important? Am I not human as you are? If you prick me, do I not bleed? Whence hath mine existence tarried in mires thon self o’erleapt? Zounds! Handkerchief!

Maybe this is why it’s been ages. Have you ever thought that? Perhaps the reason why we don’t see too much of each other any more is because this stopped becoming a “we” when you left “me” out of the equation. You’ve changed. We used to be so close. We used to be something, but now? I don’t even know who you are anymore.

Then again, what is it to really know someone? Perhaps I’ve been unnecessarily judgemental, jumping to conclusions and shutting you out like this.

Let’s try this again. How does tomorrow sound for you? Good. I’ll see you there.


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