Are we gonna have a jingle? This isn’t amateur hour here. Of course we’ll have a jingle.

Episode two of the Air Bud Pawdcast is on file. Alongside the first episode, it’s awaiting editing and a critical mass of recorded podcasts before seeing the light of day. Is it that simple? Not quite, we’ve got a ton of work to do. Our producer is working on a theme song to give the whole thing a little oomph. She’s a skilled pianist, so our stuff is thankfully royalty free. We’re following the idea of getting three episodes in the can before releasing them to the public. That way we have a buffer for future scheduling issues. It’s kind of a bummer, I’m getting so excited about what we’re doing but it’s still a month or so away. At the same time I don’t want to talk too much about content in the event that it cheapens the joy of listening. I don’t want to act like we’re producing a masterpiece here, but it’s something that’s had hard work put into it and I’m hoping that comes out in the end product.

It’s interesting to gauge how my feelings fluctuate before, during and after a recording session. Watching the movie was one thing, but it took three whole hours to watch a 98 minute film. Why? Because I was frantically taking notes, hoping (like Aerosmith) not to miss a thing. I took down a whole mess of inconsequential details, some of which ended up being more useful than others. I still haven’t worked the word “verisimilitude” into an episode, but there’s still time. I just want people to think I’m smart, maaaaaan. The viewing was an engrossing, yet exhausting, step.

In the lead up to recording I was a combination of anxious, excited and nervous. Were my notes sorted well enough? Did I pay meticulous detail to the right plot points? Was my financial research actually interesting? Was there a special ingredient missing that’d blow this whole thing to a higher tier? I wrote yesterday’s fake trailer in an attempt to lift the Pawdcast beyond merely being two white, privileged, Jewish dudes talking about film. At least now there’d be some shitty imitation American accents thrown into the mix. What if it wasn’t funny? What if we’d built all this hope up and it turned out to be a total bore to hear? What if we couldn’t meet expectations? The answer really was (/is) that we’d learn from it. Still, what if we didn’t?

The recording itself was a blast. We had too much to talk about. It jumped around a lot with the two of us endlessely gushing about various plot points, characters and narrative themes. It felt fun and more organic than I expected. My fear that I’d be too beholden to my notes was unfounded and we managed to have an animated conversation. There were times when things paused, but it was a snap to get back to our flow. I have no idea how this is gonna sound in its finished format. We jumped around a heap but by the time we’d wrapped I had a warm hum in my heart. I pity any listeners who haven’t seen the film, cause this is gonna feel messy. That being said, I can’t wait for people to hear it, if only to escape this echo chamber and hear some honest to dog feedback.

One thing the Pawdcast has brought back is my desire to do some good ol’ audio editing. I don’t need anything advanced, but Pro Tools is definitely my jam. I’m keen to get my fingers back on some hotkeys, enough that I went out and found someone with a circa 2010 M-Powered rig on Kijiji and shot him an email. For the sake of parting with $40 I can get back to my roots and put together a few simple audio stings. Who knows? This might re-ignite something I can incorporate into a career.

Regardless of how it plays out, the simple action of committing to something is lighting a little fire in my belly. I’m chomping at the bit to put in work, to get shit done. After consuming podcasts voraciously for years, I want to put out one of my own that I can be proud of. I’ve got a solid team, all the support and the personal drive. What’s stopping me?

I mean, if a dog can play basketball, I should be able to slam dunk this.


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