“But Josh, Magic the Gathering was created by mathematician Richard Garfield. Buddy hates cats.”

I put it to a Facebook vote on which sport Air Bud would hypothetically play next. Magic the Gathering came out on top. Here’s the trailer. Listen out for it on episode three of The Air Bud Pawdcast:

NARR: If you thought a baseball playing dog knocked it out of the park…

ANNOUNCER: “That mutt just hit a home run!”

NARR: Prepare to be spellbound.

PERSON: “What is that dog doing?”

NARR: When Josh’s favourite card store faces financial strife.

STORE OWNER: “We’re gonna need five hundred thousand dollars in four weeks.”

REPORTER: “In breaking news, a Magic the Gathering tournament with top team prize of five hundred thousand dollars is coming through Fernfield at the end of the month.”


NARR: He’s gotta teach his best friend.

JOSH: “I know you’ve never played a game without a ball, but we’ve gotta win this tournament.”

NARR: Before they get lost in the shuffle.

JOSH: “You have to tap your lands for mana to play your spells. I said tap, not taste.”

STORE OWNER: “It’s impossible, he’ll never do it. Magic’s like a game of chess with over twenty thousand pieces.”

NARR: Prepare yourself for a film…

JOSH: “Buddy, you’ve gotta believe in the heart of the cards.”

NARR: You’ll need to see to believe.

OPPONENT: “You taught your dog to play Magic?”

JOSH: “No. I taught him to win.”


NARR: They’ll face the luck of the draw.

OPPONENT: “I play my Black Lotus.”

JOSH: “But that card is worth thousands of dollars.”

NARR: To come out as top dogs.

JOSH: “This is all down to you now Buddy.”

NARR: This summer, old dogs can learn new tricks.

ANNOUNCER 1: “I don’t believe it, that dog actually knows the rules.”

ANNOUNCER 2: “Knows the rules? He’s shuffling a deck of cards with his paws.”

NARR: Disney presents – Air Bud: Mana’s Best Friend.


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