Relax and relapse and prolapse and prolix.

Greetings Earthlings! I assume there are no alien races who’d demean themselves enough to read this here site. At the very least they’d be aiming to intercept important developments in society. So now that we’ve discerned no unearthly beings are snooping, where am I “at” right now? It’s a Friday afternoon and I’m having an obligatory TGIF drink in front of the computer. My workplace runs summer hours, so I got to leave just after 2pm and I’ve been taking it easy since. Hence the vodka and coke, because other than “on the rocks”, my only other realistic mix choice was vanilla frosting. I don’t think I’m quite there yet.

Oh, remember when I was talking about that on cam interview I did a few months back? Well it’s finally dropped on the mothership. To be honest, it went fine. Any fretting was put to rest. Of course it was hard to concentrate on what I was viewing over the dissenting internal voices of body image. Watching through the video in its entirety helped. Being able to yell back at them “yeah, well I just did a thing. When was the last time you did that?” was an empowering moment.  I did a thing, folks. You heard it here first. Knowing nothing about a band, I did a few hours’ research and managed to keep a conversation going for 15 minutes without awkward pauses or making it about me. Fuck it, I’m proud of that. I remembered feeling like I was coming against some push back from Stu when I talked about what success meant to him. As if we had a clash of values causing tension. In retrospect, I overstated it in my own mind. It’s not noticeable in the least. Plus in the tradition of acclaimed New Zealand historian James Belich, I utilised gratuitous hand gestures. If that’s not a shining reflection, I don’t know what is.

Now I’m stuck wondering what to do with spare time on a Friday afternoon. I’ve edited as much of the Pawdcast as I can for now. I’ve got no pressing engagements for at least an hour. After finishing this, I’ve got nothing I need to do. Do I mow the lawn just because it’s sunny? Have I got washing to do? Should I go for a run? I’ve been doing so much shit lately that the concept of relaxing seems daunting. I’m not sure I even know how right now. It’d take an hour to make the choice of how to fill that time (between various TV shows, video games, books), until it dwindled away to nothingness. Do I go off in search of snacks and beer? By Jove there’s a weekend coming up. That’s not merely a handy activity to do, it’s goddamn essential. A QUEST! A QUEST! I don’t need to worry about having to relax. It’s a Midwinter Christmas miracle!

Happy Friday indeed.


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