Are we budding prodigies? We’ve definitely gone long and put in the hard yards.

I’m sure you’re tired of me talking about it, but The Air Bud Pawdcast is set to launch. We’re days away from something that’s gonna be all types of excellent. The first episode is wrapped up with a neat little bow and we’re just awaiting iTunes approval. It’s crazy to think how much work has gone into getting this far. Doing a podcast seems like such a simple thing. Maybe it is. Perhaps we’re just crazy and putting far too much effort into it. We could just care enough to be deemed insane. In case you haven’t been following or are just curious as to what goes into making a podcast (with this level of fastidiousness), here’s ruff-ly what we did:

  • I made a Facebook post about the absurdity of the Air Bud franchise. Demanded a podcast partner.
  • Friend responded. Lots of enthusiasm. Vague commitment.
  • A year passed.
  • Friend actually began planning meet ups, did something rather than just talking about talking about it.
  • Found a producer.
  • Brainstormed. Did a SWOT analysis without strictly calling it that. Drank beer. Talked about comedy.
  • IMPORTANT: Scheduled a follow up meeting.
  • Followed up and met. Set a recording date to cut down on excuses.
  • Co-host and producer made sure they had adequate gear.
  • Missed the recording date. Set another recording date.
  • Recorded the first episode. Set a follow up recording session two weeks later.
  • Producer thought about editing things, but got busy.
  • Co-host made a Facebook page, Twitter page, Instagram.
  • Co-host followed 700 odd people on Twitter.
  • Time passed, second recording date got close.
  • We each watched the movie. I took down six pages worth of notes.
  • Research research research on IMDB/Wiki.
  • Recorded the second episode.
  • I got antsy and started gathering editing hardware/software from Craigslist/Kijiji.
  • Another two weeks, watched another movie.
  • Recorded another podcast.
  • Producer started to edit episode two.
  • I installed, updated, deleted, installed updated and finally ran Pro Tools successfully.
  • I began editing episode one.
  • Co-host ordered more mics.
  • Producer started working on the theme song.
  • The fourth episode date came up. We stuck with the date despite the backlog.
  • Forgot to tell producer we were recording.
  • Recorded the episode anyway.
  • I edited 90% of episode one. Awaited re-recorded bits from producer.
  • Producer delivered re-recorded bits. Garageband had auto-processed, rendering the audio unusable.
  • Producer re-delivered the re-recorded bits.
  • Producer delivered the theme song. Emphasis on delivered.
  • Added the re-recorded bits to episode one. Added the theme song.
  • Mastered/mixed down episode one.
  • Co-host made an FTP. Sorted RSS feed. Created WordPress page.
  • I installed Hootsuite in preparation for launch.
  • Installed Hootsuite and Instagram on my phone.
  • Co-host created a logo. Producer and I did the requisite poo-pooing to get him to try harder.
  • Co-host knocked the logo out of the park.
  • Wrote up the podcast caption/description.
  • Co-host uploaded the first episode.
  • I edited the episode description.
  • I tried to submit to iTunes. Lacked an Apple ID.
  • Co-host submitted to iTunes. Submitted to Google Play Music and Stitcher while he was at it.
  • We got Google Play Music approval.
  • Co-host’s mics finally arrived from China. The shipment had all the supporting peripherals, but lacked the mics themselves.
  • I realised the weight of all this social media marketing dump. Promptly regretted each and every aforementioned step.

It’s been a crazy ride so far and it’s only gonna get bigger. I’ve listened to the first episode many times. You know what? It’s fun. It’s a good listen. We’ve put work in and created something, and that means something to me. Wherever it goes from here on out, I’m happy at least that we’ve put out a product I’d be happy to consume had I not created it. That’s gotta count for something.


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