Things that would’ve made for a better metaphor: Steamroller, anvil, gravity, dropbears.

If today taught me one thing, it’s that I’m no longer on holiday. After taking three days off work, a metaphorical tsunami caught me in the undertow (let’s be real, what were the chances of a literal tsunami washing up? That was a fucking dumb metaphor). It all started at 6.30am.

For some unknown reason, I couldn’t sleep. Was it excitement for my return to work? Not bloody likely. I have no issue with my job, I’d just rather stay home. Wouldn’t most people? Of course, I also would’ve rather slept in, but no dice. I got up and loaded up my computer. Then I realised that today was the day we were launching The Air Bud Pawdcast. You’ve heard me blab on endlessly about it, well it was time to put my money where my mouth went: Into a microphone, digitally recorded, processed and mixed into a convenient audio package. With no desire to just sit on a good thing, I went and spread the gospel to friends and family. Facebook doesn’t let you mass invite any more, so I had to click on each and every friend to send them our page. I wrote a couple of posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and posted the link in all its glory. Hell, why withold any longer? If you’ve been curious about this Pawdcast I’ve ranted so much about…

Here’s the iTunes link. Rate and review us, subscribe if you’d like to hear more. I don’t know why my co-host wants to push the iTunes link more, but maybe it’s so we can more easily ascend the ranks of comedy pod-dom with our essential and glorious addition to the annals of history.

If you hate iTunes and just want a straight link, however (and I don’t blame you. I had trouble finding the link myself), here’s our bare bones, blue collar Springsteen style honest to pod link. I just want people to listen and enjoy. To be honest, I’m pretty stoked with how it came out.

Still, that does not alone a tsunami-esque day make. Before I left home, I made sure to delete excess emails. I’d been gone for three days and had no concrete idea how many emails I would’ve gotten. As a vague estimate, we probably get 200-300 emails per day. Considering this week is a short week (happy Canada Day), emails have been flowing thicker and faster. Thankfully, webmail condenses emails with an identical subject line, so I only had 300 or so emails to delete. A mere 20 minutes’ work.

Work was… Well a little bit shite, in any case. I’ve been away, so I’d be slightly behind in any case. This isn’t any normal case. The aforementioned short week meant work had been piling up. Not only that, the absence of two team members next week (losing two team members from a team of seven is a big deal when we’re already stacked with work) has amped everything up to 11. Well fuck, Emily. We had to Get Shit Done by drastic measures, which meant not only catching up, but getting ahead.

While this was going on, I got a call from a prospective job. It’s been a while since I found a job I’ve been really keen on. This is one I want and no amount of asking the universe will do what interviewing well can. Strangely enough, they did the interview right there over the phone. Unconventional, yes, but we’re a big company split between two buildings. It’s kind of hard to expect people to ferry back and forth, especially when it’s this fucking busy. Instead I found myself a small room and pretended someone was sitting across from me. No shit, I even tried to map out appropriate facial responses in the hopes that it’d make my voice sound more professional. I think my interview was fine, but I can’t help but have felt unprepared, messy. I gave some answers I wouldn’t have been impressed with if I were on the listening end. At the same time, I made sure to stay warm and jovial. She said they were looking for someone who’d be a part of the team and I hope I managed to convey that. I wasn’t stuffy, I made it evident that I had a personality, but knew how to buckle down when the situation called for it.

It’s a pity that she wasn’t watching me work for the rest of the day (aside from the creepy voyeuristic implications), because that day went on for hours. Rihanna would’ve been impressed by my werk-load. Pushing forward to get as much done as possible, time flew by. The system was having a shit-fit, causing everything to take exponentially longer than it should’ve. Files that usually take three seconds to open were taking six minutes. I spent about two hours doing what should’ve been ten minutes’ work. Because those hours piled up, by the time I left it was around 8.30pm. 11 hours after I arrived.

Good thing Friday’s a holiday. By the end of tomorrow, I’m gonna need one.


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