I guess you can say I’m advocating for the set.

Magic The Gathering post. I haven’t forgotten that Eldritch Moon is in the middle of spoiler season. Now that Emrakul is back in the picture, things around Innistrad have gotten suitably insane. Fun. Here’s some stuff that’s been spoiled and a few quick thoughts.

Smoldering Werewolf/Vildin-Pack Outcast/Kessig Prowler – They’re all decent in limited, but I’m looking forward to see the janky casual deck that pairs these with Geier Reach Bandit. It’s not like they’re gonna flip back over.

Voldaren Pariah – It’s nice when they tailor make cards for the Endrek Sahr EDH deck. With Endrek out she’s 3BB for a 6/5 flying that makes an opponent sacrifice three creatures and she still has two little thrull buddies. Valuetown for all you thrullseekers out there.

Soul Separator – A super flavourful and neat card. The kind of thing EDH players will build around. Is there any reason why it had to incorporate a sacrifice cost? Back from the Brink is repeatable and by the time you’ve paid 8 mana (to play then sacrifice Soul Separator) you’ve basically paid for what you would’ve reanimated anyway. Shrug.

Harmless Offering – A functional colour shifted Donate reprint? I don’t know who was asking for that, but I’m over the moon that they’ve gotten it.

Eldritch Evolution – Obviously busted in half, I’m just stoked it gave me the chance to offload my Allosaurus Riders for $5 a piece. Are people really banking on a fragile 4 for 1 combo that shits itself to a spell pierce? I have my $20 store credit, I don’t care. Allosaurus Rider is junk and I’m happy to be rid of them.

Wharf Infiltrator – I think this card is both adorable and decent. It’s a looter that’s hard to block. You also have the option of turning unwanted creatures into two mana 3/2s while you loot. It backs up incidental discard if that’s your game plan anyway. It does a lot for 1U, is all I’m saying.

Stromkirk Condemned – While we’re speaking of value two drops here… An excellent activated ability that provides a free madness outlet seems to be just what the vampire deck ordered. Between this and Ravenous Bloodsucker, I want it to happen so bad. Did everyone forget that Falkenrath Gorger was printed and should by all means be The Nuts? Stromkirk Condemned seems great with new Olivia (and the aforementioned Voldaren Pariah) too. Can this deck happen yet? Or is the BB cost too much for the deck to stomach on an aggressive curve?

United Resistance – I think it’s great, but then again I thought Kolaghan’s Command was great and look at where that got me. OH WAIT, IT WAS. United Resistance isn’t Kolaghan’s Command. Not even close. It is however a fairly costed modular spell with three relevant abilities. Most often it’s just gonna be four damage to a creature and three to the face, but that deals with a heap of things. Seven damage for 2RR. I’m in.

Cryptbreaker – This thing is fantastic. For a single B you get a guy who can pump out 2/2 zombies. That would probably be fine, but that second ability, while maybe a tad overcosted, is also an incidental manaless ability that over the course of the game can help break stalemates and pull you ahead. Useful early, useful late, if you play wiht zombies, it’s great.

Grim Flayer – So many solid two drops. It’s a pity that this dude get outclassed by Sylvan Advocate both early and late game, but hopefully the little wiggle room where you get delirium makes this 4/4 trample for BG worth it (did I just write that?). The card selection on its ability is A+ if it connects. I like that it feeds itself. I think if you want to pick some up, grab a playset once people realise how shit it is against Advocate, then play it once Advocate rotates. It seems trite to be counting it out because of one critter, but hey, the second coming of Tarmogoyf was always gonna be a mountain to o’erleap.

Permeating Mass – This thing is goofy as shit. It’s a rattlesnake for sure, but also has the chance to make your life a bitch too. If your Permeating Mass survives the combat, then there are two copies of Permeating Mass floating around that will make more copies. Then everybody has 1/3s instead of Sylvan Advocates. What a world! Also ain’t Sylvan Advocate quite something?

Mirrorwing Dragon – The kind of big splashy mythic that deserves to be mythic. I always get disappointed when they use the mythic spot for pushed, efficient staples (like the aforementioned Grim Flayer?), but this Mirrorwing Dragon is none of those things. Decent base stats, it punishes your opponents for trying to off it. That being said, if they have their own creature boost, things could backfire. I LOVE IT. It’s like a Zada, Hedron Grinder that protects itself a bit.

Liliana, the Last Hope – Okay, so it’s not mindblowing. It’s a three mana ‘walker. What do you expect? It’s fine. It’ll pick off small utility creatures all day long. At worst it gravedigs. The emblem is flavourful for the zombie deck that wants her, especially if they’re packing Cryptbreaker. No need to be excited, but there’s nothing wrong with the card. Stop expecting too much. What do you think this is? Sylvan Advocate?

Ishkanah, Grafwidow – I like most things about this legendary spider. I just wish that activated ability cost one less. How about you let players activate the ability the turn after they play it? I dunno. I feel like they could’ve done better (would it have been overpowered to maybe throw in some static webbing style ability for spiders you control? Perhaps something that triggered on the spider dealing damage?), but it gives an option for people looking to build that EDH, so I’m not gonna complain too much. If it gets big, maybe it’ll be cause to offload Swarmyards?

This set’s looking top notch. Oozing with flavour and oozes (you my boi, Permeating Mass). Can’t wait.


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