That URL one more time, is

Weird mood, so I’m gonna resort to bullet points.

  • Uploaded episode two of the Pawdcast. I know that I’m biased, but it’s great. I’m really happy with how it came out. I’ve listened to the episode a number of times through editing and mixing and still there are moments that catch me out or make me laugh involuntarily. The height of narcissism? Or a sign that we’ve made something pretty choice? The rapport between my co-host and I builds as the show grows and it’s awesome to hear that shine through. There’s been a lot of work put into it and it’s really rewarding feeling that pay off. Yeah, we had technical difficulties with one of the mic chords that put lace it with annoying little static sounds throughout, but that gets better in later podcasts. Teething problems. It doesn’t diminish having produced something.
  • Further to that, we now own a .com. For real. If you visit you’ll be able to listen in. Even I found the iTunes thing lackluster. That’s not how I listen to podcasts, why would I make my audience do the same? Of course it’d be great to have people subscribing, leaving comments and rating us, but my prime concern is having this be accessible for anyone who wants to hear it. That website again for the people in the back is, because where would we be without good ol’ Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure plus the associated colons and slashes?
  • I didn’t get the job. That job I applied for. The one that I really wanted. I thought the second interview (via phone) had been a bit mediocre and well, nada. It’s a bummer, which belies the disappointment I actually feel. My job is fine. It pays well enough, the benefits are great. It’s secure and provides me with a lot of stability. On the other hand, it’s not exciting. That sounds like the epitome of a privileged problem, but that doesn’t stop it from being draining. It’s been years since “what do you do?” and “what is your job?” have had the same answer. It’s not that I want to define myself by my daily occupation, it’s more that I’d like my daily occupation to greater reflect elements of who I am. In the immediate aftermath of having learned I didn’t get the job I’ve deflated. My reflexive response has been to feel trapped. I guess I saw this job as a way out of my immediate situation, heading towards a more realised sense of self. I guess that’s somewhere on the horizon and the daily grind is to remain a grind. I guess the more productive thing to do is focus on my creative output that exists beyond the bounds of work. To look at my writing, the Pawdcast, my reviews, that interviewing thing. I’ll be fine. I’ll survive. I just would’ve preferred to thrive.

Sigh. Love and dunks, everyone. That’s our catchphrase. On our podcast. You know, that one at


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