Plyo me a river.

Tough Mudder is a mere two months away. This means it’s time to start training. This means I need to work on running technique (because it’s not like I’ve done a heap of that in the past ten months). I’ll be wise to adapt more plyometric and twitch-muscle intensive exercises into my workouts. More adherence to stretching and mobility will help reduce injury and keep my training regular. Speaking of training, it’s time to fold afternoon jogs home a few times per week into my schedule. Incidental workouts that’ll help keep me limber. The idea is to try and push myself up to six workouts per week (including park fitness). Hopefully if I can motivate friends to come out and get moving, that’ll keep me coming back for more.

None of the above, however, is the hard part.

I’m drastically cutting down my consumption of sugary food and alcohol. Facebook Memories recently taunted me by recalling just how seriously I took it last year and I’ll be damned if I let that smug asshole past Leon get the better of me (looks like he already has -Ed). Plus I’ve got a few pairs of pants I used to need belts for. They’re some kind of snug now. It’s all gonna help on the course to make sure I can complete the thing without total body shutdown (or shit-down, if my body decided to evacuate). Frankly last time I enjoyed breezing through. The more work I frontload, the less grit I actually need on the day. It’s a gruelling process, to drain my life of the multitudinous small pleasures I shove down my gullet, but there’s nothing wrong with taking a few months to treat my body a little better.

Right now, at two months out, I’m giving up alcohol (with maybe a night or two’s reprieve if need be. I’ve learned that zealotry isn’t the healthiest either). In the mean-time I’ll taper down on my processed sugars and excessive bread-y things. I’m not trying to go gluten free, I just think bread is a complex carb that my body works hard to break down. I’d rather devote that energy to actively preventing the desire to defenestrate myself out of frustration. I’ll also try to cut down to one coffee per day. A month out I’ll cut all of the above. No processed sugars, bread or coffee (think vegetable fiber will be enough to keep me regular? Fingers crossed). I might even have to find joy in activities and self-expression instead of consumption. Ugh, it just sounds so “new-agey”. What ever happened to good ol’ fashioned burning the candle at both ends…ing?

Jeez, how far away is Pokémon Go? I need something to make fitness fun.


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