Come out to TO, we’ll get together, have a few laughs.

No major theme today, so instead, little snippets of various things, somesuches and whatnots.

Tough Mudder training kicked in yesterday and promptly kicked my ass. After an active lunchtime workout with a ton of lower body content, I decided jogging home from work would be a perfectly reasonable idea. I needed to pick up stuff on the way anyway, so I was being useful and productive. An incidental 4km run? Just like Spidey, N.B.D.

Or so I thought. I was enjoying picking up speed, swerving on and off the footpath (if there were too many people I’d move onto the bike path, hugging the footpath as much as possible to not get in the way of cyclists). Each time I stopped at a traffic light, however, I felt funny. Funny as in weird, not “haha”. My legs were trembling and picking back up speed was increasingly difficult. By the time I got back home, I was puffing, sweating and I needed to sit. I’m sure my girlfriend wondered what happened to her boyfriend and why he was replaced by a sweating, shambling Cro-Magnon speaking only in monosyllabic grunts. My legs this morning were pain incarnate. Thankfully we get amazing physio coverage and I could get it all sorted out (read: like a slightly more humane iron maiden). I might rest tonight.

And in resting plans, my girlfriend and I are seeing Hunt for the Wilderpeople tonight. I’m sure that means nil to a bunch of you, but it’s a New Zealand film directed by the consistently great Taika Waititi. If that name still mean nothing to you, he’s a frequent collaborator with Jemaine Clement (Flight of the Conchords) and one of the highest profile Kiwi directors around. Boy is my personal favourite of his films, a beautiful coming of age film revolving around a young Maori male in 80s rural New Zealand. It’s a feat that a story of conflict between dreams and reality for the son of a deadbeat dad is so lighthearted and whimsical. Waititi’s work often finds the balance between light and dark, then leans a little heavier on the lightness. What We Do in the Shadows, his delightful vampire mockumentary, brought him into wider repute. If that wasn’t enough, he’s helming the next Thor film. I’m curious to see how Hunt for the Wilderpeople plays in a North American setting. I’ve heard it’s laden with kiwiana and references to national pop culture. Will Canadians get it? Will I be laughing alone? Will it hold up to his back catalogue? I’m gonna enjoy finding out.

Does anyone from back home feel like visiting Toronto? Flights are incredibly cheap right now for the months of August/September. Those prices are ridiculous. I would’ve been keen if I wasn’t already planning on coming back in January. There are deals for Australia too, so if anyone’s been eyeing up Canada, now’s your chance. Don’t you miss me? Suuuuure you do. We could hunt for pokémon together through the urban jungle of Toronto.


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