If she really loved me she’d send marmite.

I’ve really gotta race to get this done, because I’m off to a place where it’s encouraged to race. I haven’t been to Pursuit OCR in ages, but a friend organised a group rate for us to go together. We have an obstacle course to run, complicated by the additional obstacle of Nerf guns. Being an adult these days is seemingly like being a child with money. All your wildest dreams at your fingertips. So since I’m in a mood for speed, let’s have a lightning round of what’s going on.

  • My vacation was approved at work. In order to accommodate another pre-booked vacation in the department we’re leaving a few days earlier than initially planned. So for the first time ever I’ll be celebrating new years in the clouds. I’m pretty confused as to when we land, but it seems like we’re gonna leave on the 31st and arrive back in New Zealand on the 2nd, skipping an entire day that we won’t gain until we leave. At this stage it looks like we’ll pick that up three weeks later, leaving NZ on the 22nd to arrive back in Toronto on the 22nd. Is that how time zones work? In any case, I’m back from the 2nd of Jan to the 22nd. Mark your calendars.
  • I’ve run out of marmite and I’m calling on a motherly care package to solve my woes. Please don’t tell me that I can just get British or Australian marmite, I don’t need your garbage, milquetoast yeast spreads.
  • Did you know that Natalie Imbruglia released an album last year? Named “Male”, it’s a covers album of songs originally from male artists. Go figure. I don’t know if this will affect your lives in any meaningful way, but know you know and knowing is half the battle. Oh, also Torn was a cover, in case you weren’t aware.
  • The Eldritch Moon pre-release is on tomorrow and like most Magic pre-releases, I’m looking forward to some sealed format shenanigans. The set looks fun, if possibly less strong than triple Shadows. It’s nice to see there are finally some free/cheap madness enablers (Olivia’s Dragoon is gonna be one hyperactive jump knight), but it looks like there are fewer strong madness cards to get a payoff for doing so. It’s kind of a pity that clues aren’t supported in the set, ’cause it was a neat build-around mechanic. I think emerge is gonna wreck some faces, with a few subtle synergies thrown in there. Then again, Foul Emissary is probably the most brazen enabler I’ve seen. The removal looks decent, but not overpowered. Spirits finally seem to get the tribal support they need, so I’m looking forward to see if Mausoleum Wanderer can make them contenders. Also why is nobody going nuts over Mind’s Dilation? It’s EDH bait, but it’s also really fucking strong. I’m looking forward to seeing how ridiculous it’ll get in the format.
  • The Air Bud Pawdcast is gonna have trailers soon. It turns out that enough work goes into the podcast that a weekly release schedule is unrealistic. We figured that could be the case. A two week release schedule is fine by us, but it means our off-weeks are kind of boring social media wise. Solution: Our excellent producer will put together a trailer to be released in between episode uploads. It’s gonna be great. She’s pretty talented and I’m looking forward to seeing what she puts together to make us sound like an essential, unmissable podcast. Hell, did you hear the theme song she made? No? Well you should probably visit The Air Bud Pawdcast and listen to an episode. Gawrsh.

Later skaters. I’m off to play.


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