If they start bleeding, will I become a jazz prodigy?

My gums hurt and I don’t know why. I’ve been flossing, brushing and using that tongue scraper tool on a daily basis (or twice daily when it comes to the brushing). I’ve been following my dentist’s recommended flossing technique. I’m using one of those nifty oscillating toothbrushes. All things considered, I should be fine. Somehow though, I’m not. My gums aren’t really bleeding when I floss, but there’s this mild hurt when I chew. If I firmly press my teeth together, it comes back. I know what you’re all saying, learn to photosynthesise, right? Only eat things that travel up a straw? Make best friends with your mouli? Those things all make varying amounts of sense. Why then, do I keep chomping down? Because of that weird pain/pleasure threshold. You know how licking a battery is kind of intriguing? It hurts, but walking the razor’s edge is sort of intriguing. As a kid I’d do it again and again.

In Pokémon Go related news, I’ve been having bad luck with catches lately. It’s tough, because I would very much like to be the very best, but luck is doing its best to shit on that. I hatched a jynx the other day from a 10km egg. It was a bummer. They’re super common. The rewards for 10km eggs are so rich, but I guess this is why I don’t gamble. I was lucky enough to get a lapras today, but its cp ended up at 150. A guy who caught one a minute later found his at 1500. My game crashed while trying to catch a pidgeot and by the time I reloaded it had gone. I was super stoked to find a victreebell, but it doesn’t have a basic grass type move and checking out its stats, they’re rather shit. A game crash lost me a dragonair, which would’ve been a great addition to the pokédex. Lastly, when searching for a gengar in the area, I overshot the mark while running and found it literally two seconds before it disappeared. My game didn’t catch up. Poops all around. I think it’s time to level up. I think tonight I’ll need to pull some lucky egg shenanigans and get myself to that magical lvl 20 mark. Surely that’s the sweet spot for finding decent cp pokémon?

Last night I caught up with a girl I’d been seeing a few months back. I broke things off not because I didn’t like her company, but because I was getting way too busy for another relationship. With the Pawdcast taking a few nights each week, wanting to spend a few nights with my girlfriend and also see friends, I found myself with zero nights to chill out on my own. I was getting so stressed and anxious about being able to accommodate everyone that I wasn’t taking enough time for myself. Even having broken that off, I’m still not doing so well on the solo time front. We’d been meaning to meet back up after having taken time apart and honestly, it was really nice. No awkward pauses, we launched straight back in to where we’d left off, how the last few months has treated our lives. It’s not like any reasonable person can just drop a person they care about without wanting to know how they’re going. I’m occasionally reasonable (when I’m not licking batteries, chomping aggravated gums or blaming luck for my poor Pokémon playing), and as such it was fantastic to reconnect with her. She’s still super sweet, clever and has excellent music recommendations. Plus we had sushi, so what could’ve really gone wrong? After the meal we walked home and discussed potential party plans for her birthday. I think she’s opting for my miracle fruit party idea, so fingers crossed it’s a blast for her.

I don’t even have that many errands tonight and tomorrow I’m off to the cottage. Could it finally happen? Am I about to relax here? Or will I discover an amazing cache of pokémon in Georgian Bay?


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