Let’s hope Liam Neeson doesn’t come after me for this.

I never said these trailers needed to make sense.

NARR The cutthroat world of competitive dog shows has always been an intense experience.

JUDGE I’m sorry sir, but your mutt has less bark than a dogwood tree.

NARR But when a rich megalomaniac with a love of exotic dogs and power mongering hosts a world class dog show…

KRUMB I’ll spread my specially created fleas to the world’s most influential dog breeders and turn them into walking electromagnetic bombs. There’s nothing they can do to stop me!

NARR The FBI is about to get a Federal Buddy of Investigation on the case.


NARR He has the moves.

AGENT BOB What your dog does have is a very particular set of skills, skills he has acquired over a very long career. Skills that make him a very bad dog for the people we want to fetch.

NARR He has the style.

“N” I just love your fluffy tail, darling.

NARR But to keep his identity a secret, Buddy is about to discover that restrictions breed creativity.

“N” Gold is so last season, darling. Let’s go for something a little darker.

JOSH Woah Buddy, I almost didn’t recognise you.

NARR And in a game without nets, bases or goalposts.

JOSH Sorry Buddy, we can’t play now. If this guy destroys the dog breeding industry, 2% of the world’s GDP could be in peril.

NARR Buddy has to become the belle of the ball.


NARR He’s gonna have help from some new friends.

AGENT BOB If you press this button on your new collar and point your tail, your entire body will turn into a giant taser.

JOSH And what does this other button do?

AGENT BOB That turns on his entry music.


NARR And with his skilled sporting background.

JUDGE I’ve judged a lot of competitions, but this dog’s physique is on point.

NARR This summer, he’s got a score to settle.

JOSH Mister, you may have money, but my dog has something you’ll never have.

KRUMB What’s that?


JOSH Gold mettle.

KRUMB Like, straight gold? That’s pretty flimsy, it’s usually paired in an alloy.

JOSH No, M E T T L E. Resilience and courage under fire. Look, I’m saying he’s really brave.

KRUMB This is a serious hostage situation, why would you resort to a pun?

JOSH I don’t have time for an argument on semantics. Buddy, let’s get ruff.

NARR Disney presents – Air Bud: Under Rover Agent.


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