I haven’t even read the small print. Do they now own my body?

Welp, the gravy train was good while it lasted. If you’ve ever heard me raving about my amazing benefits, I’ll no longer be in a position to gloat come September 1st. To be absolutely clear, this isn’t a “sky is falling” scenario. What we had was unbelievable, and now we’re getting benefits that are still perfectly reasonable, just not the hyper-real gift we were previously entitled to. It’s not like this is a sudden shock either. We knew that there was no realm in which we’d still get unlimited physiotherapy. I guess we maybe didn’t expect that to plummet to $500 per annum.

I lied. We knew the drop would be that severe. I’ve been getting all I can out of the system. I’ve worked through a bunch of injuries and muscle spasms. I’ve learned about taking care of tight muscles and the valid exercises for getting rid of knots. I have a much greater appreciation and knowledge of how the human body’s musculature operates and that’s all thanks to the amazing services my benefits enabled. Hell, we’ve still got until the end of the month and I intend to squeeze what I can out of the well until it runs dry. I certainly didn’t touch my optic or major dental benefits, that’s for sure.

So losing physio isn’t the biggest deal in the world. I’ve gleaned what I could and I’ll take that on to whatever physical challenge I next take up. The bigger loss though? Therapy. Under my new plan we get $500 per year for psychologist visits. That’s down from $1500 under my old plan. If an hour’s visit costs $170, it’s manageable to work through some stuff within a $1500 budget. A third of that means you’re getting three visits and you’re still shelling out a little. Gutting. It took me a while to find a therapist that fits me. A therapist who communicates in a style that fits my very particular manner. A therapist who doesn’t feel like they’re condescending, who isn’t afraid to challenge me, poke and prod at tough emotional welts knowing that I’d rather work through something than around it. I have the right therapist at the moment and sadly I’m not gonna be able to keep visiting her without shelling out a bunch of spare change. We’ve taken on a heap of body image issues, personal values and self-motivation. We’ve unpacked a ton of social anxieties and o’erlept personal stumbling blocks together. It’s a process and there’s still a ways to go. Unfortunately by the looks of it she’s taken me as far as she can right now.

The last piece of the puzzle when it comes to losing these benefits is my medicine coverage. Once again, because we have a great plan, we get 100% coverage for approved prescription medicines. All my life I’ve been plagued by a permanently stuffy nose and environmental allergies. Through the magic of coverage and medical science, I’ve done away with my lifelong issues and I finally understand what it’s like to breathe normally. It’s amazing, my nose doesn’t even whistle when I inhale. Our coverage for selected prescriptions is at least 90% covered, with 70% for non-approved prescriptions. Fingers crossed that my required drugs are on the list, but if not at least there’s still coverage, right? I’ve become quite enamoured with this whole breathing thing.

At the end of the day, I’m still super fortunate to have benefits. Just because something’s been amazing for you, it doesn’t mean that getting less equals losing everything.


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