I wonder how Doug feels about the Air Bud Opus…

I have a pimple inside of my ear. It’s pretty gross. Right in the centre groove of my ear, right by the canal, rests this bulbous silvery pustule. I think the only redeeming feature of this grotesque abomination is that it gave me cause to write the word “pustule”. Always a pleasure. I have no real idea what’s caused this ghastly aberration, but I have my theories. Whether it was something caused by sweaty earbuds (I’ve been running more lately) or possibly getting lake water stuck in there (though that would lend itself more towards an ear infection I’m sure). My ears are like perfectly moulded gutters for holding water. If there was ever a drought I’m sure they’d be my backup water reserves. They’re good at hearing, but they’re a shitshow for most other things.

Well wasn’t that exciting?

You know what was exciting last night? I went to a live recording of the Doug Loves Movies podcast. It’s a hell of a podcast and a fantastic live experience. The basic premise is that Doug Benson, 420 friendly comic extraordinaire, loves movies. He watches a metric fuckton of them and knows an additional fuckton about them. He invites comics/actors/writers etc onto his show to compete against each other in film trivia games for bragging rights. They also bring along prizes for the prize bag. It’s a format that lends itself to phenomenal audience interaction. Audience members bring “name tags”, basically a film poster with their name punned into the title. Competitors come down into the crowd and pick out the audience member’s poster who they’ll be playing for (could that sentence have been more clumsy?). Whichever celebrity gets the most points, their audience member gets the entire prize pool. Everyone else has their shit-head (a name of someone they want Doug to call a shit-head) read out for fun and hilarity.

Last night’s recording was a mixed bag. The guests were Mark Forward (top notch Toronto comic), Kids in the Hall‘s Scott Thompson and Canadian comic Sean Cullen. It was all set to be a great show, but it’d be an understatement to say Cullen got self-indulgent. There was rambling and ranting that started out fun, but became draining rather fast. I’d say of the two hour podcast, 60-90 minutes was just Sean Cullen. This meant it took too long to get to the games and we only got to see two played. It’s one thing for a general podcast, but when there’s a solid structure in place, trashing those foundations is for worse, not better.

Aside from that little niggle, hilarity did ensure. The audience made some amazing name tags (and someone brought a net to catch any donuts thrown from stage. A weird convention of the show). Mark Forward failed at trivia on a number of films he’d been in. Scott Thompson was a riot, wit still razor sharp. Cullen improvised a number of songs that were pretty damn great. The crowd knew the conventions and for the most part, weren’t shit-heads themselves. As something to do on a Thursday night (even one with stellar offers of Evangelion at The Revue and Peaches at Massey Hall), it was the right call to make.

So now that I’ve done with that, I guess it’s time to figure out how to get a pimple out of my ear.


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