So my strategy here is to do the things I don’t like doing? Well let’s see how fun that ends up being.

Another Magic the Gathering post. If you’re not into that, come back tomorrow. Otherwise if you want to see what each card is, get AutocardAnywhere.

So I’ve been looking to make a new EDH deck for a little while now. My recurring problem is that everything I make ends up green. This time I wanted something non-green, but not only non-green. I wanted something entirely divergent from my play-style (to flood the board with big stompy creatures and have a wild rumpus). I’ve often thought of Jeskai (Blue/White/Red) as my least favourite colour combination. It’s tricksy, controlling and wins through subtle manipulation of the board state. That’s the opposite of a wild rumpus. More like… mild rumpus.

Anyway, I ended up on the idea of a Shu Yun deck. Lots of small tricks to control opponents’ interactions. The idea was to retain as much command of the combat step as possible. Removal and deflection. Many ambush cards to call at will with Sunforger. Top notch instants to throw down underneath Isochron Scepter. Token makers to incrementally reward me for all my instant speed tricks and some choice fellows (Zada, Hedron Grinder and Mirrorwing Dragon) to turn small pump, evasion and cantrips into win conditions or mass card draw. Hell, the thought of Shu Yun killing through general damage isn’t entirely off base. Some cost reduction thrown in for good measure. The list is very subject to change (through play and actually counting how many cards I’ve put down) and half of it is probably terrible, but here are ideas I’ve been throwing around:


Shu Yun, the Silent Tempest


Curious Homonculus
Goblin Electromancer
Battlefield Thaumatage

Token Makers:

Docent of Perfection
Monastery Mentor
Talrand, Sky Summoner
Young Pyromancer

Pumped by Noncreature:

Surrakar Spellblade
Zada, Hedron Grinder
Charmbreaker Devils
Ojutai Exemplars
Kiln Fiend
Wee Dragonauts
Nivvix Cyclops
Mirrorwing Dragon


Siren’s Call
Illusionist’s Gambit
Domineering Will
Muddle the Mixture


Frantic Search
Shadow Rift
Cerulean Wisps
Crimson Wisps
Balduvian Rage

Isochron Targets (not mutually exclusive from Sunforger Targets):

Swords to Plowshares
Path to Exile

Sunforger Targets (not mutually exclusive from Isochron Scepter Targets):

Deflecting Palm
Fight to the Death
Wing Shards
Master Warcraft
Boros Charm
Dawn charm
Hallowed Moonlight
To Arms!
Orim’s Thunder
Valorous Stance
Savage Alliance
Hindering Light
Chaos Warp
Impact Resonance


Artful Dodge



Slip through Space
Serum Visions


Isochron Scepter
Runechanter’s Pike
Izzet Signet
Azorius Signet
Boros Signet
Veilstone Amulet


Jace’s Sanctum

Plus lands, of course.

Face to Face is having a 10% off sale, so I might be able to pick up the deck for ever so slightly cheaper than otherwise (those Monastery Mentors are gonna hurt the wallet). How does it look, folks? Feel free to comment below.



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