Is my heist-enberg uncertainty getting in the way?

I’m tired and my brain is doing its best colander impersonation, so I’ll resort to the tried and true method of bullet points.

  • This is the first one. I don’t know much about the thought behind it, but I do know it’ll precede other likely more coherent thoughts.
  • We bought ten pieces of corn for $2. If I had a pot large enough and little enough care for my own well being, I’d probably have bought 40 cobs and eaten ten for dinner tonight. I love corn. It’s fucking delicious and unbelievably sweet. My girlfriend even taught me, as a grown adult, that a fork is a far more efficient utensil for spreading butter along the length of a cob. It’s curved and thus fits smoothly across the edge, applying that delectable melted fat to a greater surface area. I don’t even use butter on my corn (I eat it straight or with perhaps a pinch of salt), but that changed the way I looked at corn forever (and more after the jump).
  • In pokémon catchings today, I finally got myself a machoke (cp 48) and found another victreebell (cp 1067). The interesting thing about catching the victreebell was chatting with another player doing the same thing. I asked him about his victreebell’s cp and he replied that it was also 1067. He asked if I was also level 22. I nodded. We compared catches and each victreebell was the same down to hp and moveset. So while cp levels of wild catches seem to be random, perhaps that randomness is locked in by trainer level. But what defines where that cp is locked in? Curiouser and curiouser.
  • Bought new running shoes this afternoon and I already don’t know if I like ’em. They felt comfortable in the store, but the more I walked around in them, the less my legs/joints seemed to like them. My orthotic inserts are slightly too small for the shoes, so my big toes rub against their edges. The purchase was more impulsive than wise, or at least owed more to my distaste for the act of shopping than being a well thought out decision. They’re not terrible shoes by any means and I could grow to like them, but there’s a non-zero chance that I dropped $100 on shoes I won’t be able to wear out of deference to my knees. Sucks.
  • Boo to this Ocean’s Eleven spinoff. Yay to a stacked female cast brimming with talent. Yay to a juicy heist movie. Boo to falling back on a tried and trusted franchise. It’s a heist movie, what about that necessitates the safe choice of making it an Ocean’s film? Just create some new IP for fuck’s sake. There are so many original stories out there to tell and instead of running on this patronising this time it’s the ladies’ chance to show the boys how it’s done platform, make something new that stands on its own merits. When did Hollywood get so spineless? You have a chance to do something awesome here. Gah, I say. GAH!

Yeah, that’s all I’ve got right now. I’m having a nap, to dream up a great all-female heist film of my own.


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