Werk’n for the weekend.

Some people like to dress up for work. I prefer to dress down. Today, for a while, I wore nothing at all. Sitting there at my desk, peen flopping out idly. Thing is, the office has air conditioning, so I got a little cold. To compensate I tossed on my tiger onesie. My co-workers didn’t seem to mind. One of them idly sung Smash Mouth’s All Star to her self while she washed breakfast dishes. The other meowed.

So, working from home was great, as you can tell.

During summer we have reduced Friday hours. Basically company wide, people try to work ahead so everyone can harness the warm weather before we plunge into wintry armageddon. Our department also has a work laptop that connects remotely. If you’re sick or need to go to a long appointment during the middle of the day or something, it’s yours to borrow. I figured that since I’d worked far enough ahead, I might as well skip the commute part of the day and do the mere few hours’ work with all the comforts of home. At home.

I plugged the laptop in, hardwired to the internet and set it up on my keyboard tray. I put the keyboard in front of my monitor and loaded up webmail on my desktop. Because it’s imperative to catch ’em all, I also loaded up a Pokémon tracker to see if anything interesting was showing up in a 10 minute radius of my house. Set up a playlist with the new Frank Ocean and Radiohead albums (which I somehow still hadn’t heard). Phone plugged in, but in arm’s reach. Battlestation ready.

It was kind of clunky, using multiple machines, but I entirely get the appeal of working from home. I don’t really need to interact with co-workers all that much. If I can access the system remotely and get the work done, that’s pretty much the job. The trade-offs of not having to spend time commuting, worrying about appropriate attire, going out to buy lunch, the scales are harshly tipped in their favour. Now I have to devise a job that harnesses my skills while not being office based. If only we could get enough podcast sponsors to make it a viable career (though if you felt like going to audibletrial.com/PAWD that’d be handy). If only I had the talent/courage/voracious interest to write freelance. Or some type of long-distance consultant. Need a pun for your barnyard themed business? I’ve got a whole stable of them right in my head.

The big thing I’m missing in this pipe dream is real life discipline. I’m great at completing a set list of tasks, but without a framework or structure I’m not so sure I’ve got the ability to keep everything ticking along. Much as it’s a bummer to suit up (in as much as wearing jeans and a T-shirt is suiting up) five days a week and commute towards a cubicle, it does keep me honest. There’s also no end of relief to being able to drop my shit at the door as soon as I enter/leave work. I’m there to get stuff done and being able to turn that off at 5pm is one hell of a feeling. Also I do like my co-workers, even if they don’t meow nearly enough. It’s nice to have that support in physical proximity. I can’t help but imagine things would feel a bit pointless if I were constantly on my own.

Being naked at the office is no substitute for that.


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