I’ll be fine as long as my butt-er-beer has a Longbottom.

Well if there’s one thing I can say about today’s insomnia, it sure was productive. Thanks to my inability to sleep I got in and tackled the remainder of Air Bud Pawdcast episode eight. Wham! Bam! Bodyslam! It wasn’t due till September 28th and now I don’t need to think about it. All I need to think about is watching Santa Buddies on Monday, recording episode ten (did I just say ten?), having my one night off, then launching into JFL42. Then I can sleep no more (for two weeks) and lose myself (plus Mom’s spaghetti) in 3-4 stand up gigs per night. It’s like Christmas for an agnostic Jew with a love of watching gifted narcissists toss their egos into crowds.

I really do love it.

Those ain’t my problems. I’ve got big problems lurking on the horizon. I have a Harry Potter costume party to attend and no idea who to dress as. I liked Harry Potter. Fun book series, the movies got better. The world is expansive and enjoyable to get lost in. Never tumbled into the fandom. So now I need to figure out who I either a) resemble or b) can pull off. My girlfriend immediate suggested James Potter. When I asked why, she suggested that his appearance is only vaguely mentioned, he’s a generic looking dude with brown hair and glasses. I have the glasses left over from Call of Cthulhu, I have a cape (which I assume is a stand in for a robe that works for basically any wizard in the expanded universe) and I have generic looks and brown hair. This could work. My favourite part of the costume is the notion of dressing basically as Harry without the scar. Then when someone asks if I’m dressed as Harry I get to scoff and officiously reply “obviously I’m dressed as James. Jeez.”

Mad Eye Moody would’ve been a fun costume, but I’ve got no idea how to make the eye. I guess I could follow one of those instructables type things, but who has the time? I thought it’d be neat to find a way to alter a floating eyeball toy, but once again my lack of practical skills prevents that from coming into the picture. I don’t own a trenchcoat or desire to wear a fake beard, so Hagrid is out. I’m not dyeing my hair red, so every Weasley is out. I feel like there’s nothing noteworthy about Lupin that’d help with a costume (except for, it looks, a dashing waistcoat). I could get a bald cap and paint my face white for some voldemort action or go as myself with a coin purse and say I’m one of those gratuitous Jewish stereotype goblins from Gringotts.

Hell, I don’t really care what I go as. As long as it prompts the most important question of all.


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