You’d be forgiven for thinking 7pm was my bitching hour.

Last night was my quiet night at JFL42. One show at 7pm, then off to a Harry Potter party that was too good to miss.

Who’d I see? Cameron Esposito. I love Cameron, I saw her two years ago (also at a JFL42 show) and instantly perked up. She has the most chipper, squeaky voice, a bitchin’ haircut and best of all, writes great jokes. She recently got married to fellow comedian Rhea Butcher, which is awesome not only because they’re both excellent comics, but it means they often tour together. Bonus. I’d seen their live podcast Put Your Hands Together the night before and was amped to see a full set.

You know what? 7pm shows are hard. The crowd isn’t in the sweet spot between sober and drunk where laughs come thick and fast (and the loud laughers prompt the rest). It puts the comic off their game (and who knows when they woke up? A 7pm show could be the comic equivalent of 9.30am in a 9-5 job), since they aren’t getting amped by the crowd. The flow all gets messed up and it’s a bummer for everyone. Last two nights I’ve gone to 7pm shows of comics I’ve seen before (who’d killed those other times). Each time, something was missing. I don’t know what this means going forward for the festival. Do I cram comics I’m not as pumped about into that early slot? Hell, half the time I don’t have a choice.

Anyway, how was the show? As you probably guessed, it was okay. It’s fine, I heard she destroyed later in the night. Part of the issue was having seen Cameron and Rhea a few times. A couple of bits were used at Put Your Hands Together the night before (where the energy was massive), so seeing them at a 7pm show under 24 hours later killed the magic a little. My fault, not theirs. I’d also seen a few of the bits on their other Toronto trips. Still good bits, but just unfortunate when you’re looking forward to new material. I’d already seen maybe half the show. Once again, not their fault.

There was new material, which was a mixed bag. Cameron’s a big Hilary supporter, which is great. It should go without saying that I’m already on #teamhilary. She’s qualified, capable, intelligent, and if she ran on a platform of promising never to dab again, I’d probably become an American citizen for the purposes of supporting such a worthy cause. Being a supporter already, it’s a bummer to be turned off by a barrage of strawman arguments and punchlines that were more YAAAS KWEEN than laugh out loud. Fuck yes there should be a female President. Yes, Hilary should be that President. We had Helen Clark as Prime Minister for years and she was fucking great. I dunno. I’m still a massive fan, I’m just ready for this election cycle to be over so I can hear new material (and hopefully stop hearing about Trump fullstop). Towards the end of the set Cameron moved into some really personal shit and did a fucking great job with it. If this is the direction she’s moving in then I’m 100% on board.

Will I be there on the next tour? Hell yeah, when’s it happening?


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