It’s weird to hear “stump” in the same sentence as Trump. One of these things is actually capable of growth.

It’s Thanksgiving, and I’m giving thanks for a day without the need to wear pants. Today’s a happy, slow, lazy day. Neither my girlfriend nor I have left the house, we slept in, had sex, ate at our leisure and generally just loafed. It feels odd to relax after a weekend of feasting, but somehow appropriate. It’s been a busy weekend and simply getting ready for these evenings has been taxing in itself. Prepping the turkey, getting the house ready, hosting duties, doing dishes, cleaning post guests. It was a lot of work for a heap of fun. It also taught me that there’s a substantive limit to how much hospitality we’re able to provide. Our place is tiny, and celebrating Thanksgiving with an intimate group of 8-10 people is a lovely way to spend quality time on a day where people often feel alone. Twenty people, however, is too much. There’s no room to move and the logistics of catering to everyone are overwhelming. A party where people are free to roam and mingle is one thing. Attempting a sit-down dinner with twenty guests is a step beyond our capabilities. Lesson learned.

Last night was another Thanksgiving evening, where we gave thanks for the ability to attend and not host. We made a simple bean salad, grabbed the unfinished bottles from our own shindig and bussed out to a more wisely planned event than our own. A veritable smorgasbord of food, with roast turkey, ham, stuffing waffles (waffles made of stuffing as opposed to stuffed waffles), sweet veggies and an abundance of pies/cakes. A thoroughly excellent way to spend an evening.

The other fun part of the evening was our dinnertime entertainment: The Hilary/Donald debate. An hour and a half of absurdity that proved beyond a shadow of a doubt how ludicrous it was to put a reality TV star in the running for one of the world’s most powerful positions. Trump repeatedly showed himself to be unable to listen or answer questions. He stalked around like a poorly composed simulacrum of a human being. I was waiting for Hilary to drench him in molten steel, revealing his robotic frame beneath the synthetic skin. I’m of the opinion that people with differing opinions to my own aren’t by default idiots, but how could he have ever seemed like a viable option? He’s not charismatic, erudite, quick witted or holding a manner befitting of respect. He has the temperament and vocabulary of an eight year old. I’d feel uneasy having him manage a McDonalds, let alone a massive democracy. Watching this fiasco play out in a room full of people all more qualified to run a country than the republican candidate, was a dream. There was an electric quality to hearing snappy comebacks in real time. Plus of course Ken Bone got all the respect he was due.

The scary aspect of this Trump charade is the fact that he even got to exist in the mean time. I don’t know how many people thought he could actually get there from the start. The media, however, kept entertaining the antics of this megalomaniac in the making because it did well for their ratings. The more extreme he was, the more he huffed and puffed, the more they’d zoom in. From a pure screen-time angle, simply putting him out there as if he was any kind of viable candidate made people believe he could be. So people rallied behind him. Also because misogyny. America sure does hate women, even if the country won’t admit it. The terrifying thing now? A door has been opened that I’m not sure we’ll be able to close. A precedent in running for president has been set. Remember how much we laughed and mocked Sarah Palin’s quirkily adorable idiocy back in 2008? It’s horrifying how moderate she seems in comparison. How restrained she seems when measured up against Trump.

Remember, it all seems silly until it’s too real.


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