Auto-cinematic asphyxiation.

Wow, nothing is out right now. It’s cheap Tuesday and the cinemas are bare. Bleak. Now I’m wondering why this is something I would care about. I like watching films, but Netflix exists. There are a multitude of films I’ve never seen just waiting to be streamed. There are nigh infinite movies at my disposal, but I’m complaining that I can’t spend money to sit in a dark room with a large screen? Strange problems.

I love watching movies, but I have a hard time doing so if not under duress. “Duress” is probably laying it on thick, but I need something to keep me accountable to paying attention. To drop into a world and be guided through a narrative is amazing, but when everything around us is vying to stimulate us, it’s more difficult than you’d think to stay in one spot and stare at a shifting, colourful screen. We’ve become such a binge watching culture that we’re accustomed to short run times. Narrative arcs that resolve quickly or accomplish a smaller subsection of plot points. Movies (well, depending on the movie) require sustained attention over a longer period of time and I’m not sure that’s something that comes easily to me any more.

Also because of the abundance of choice, I find it really tough not to tap out of anything that isn’t instantly grabbing me. If, after ten minutes, I’m just not feeling it? Outta there. Why bother watching something unfulfilling when there’s an ocean of available content out there calling your name? Sometimes the sirens have good things to serenade you with.

“Duress” comes in when I bring other people in to help solve my lack of attention. If I watch a movie with a friend or partner, I feel like talking over it or bringing out my phone constantly would ruin their movie experience, so I don’t do it. If I’m in a room full of people who’ve paid to see the same film, I’m not gonna be a dick. Social conditioning by any other name (like duress. Maybe I just like saying “duress”).

So my complaint is essentially that I can’t pay money to have other people force me to pay attention? Is a splinter of my mind viewing my $12 ticket price as a D&S transaction? I’m hiring a group of dommes to aid my cinematic entertainment experience? Kinky.


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