A true company man.

I haven’t had an alone day in yonks, but holy hell, it’s been delightful. Having minimal human interaction has felt really calming, which is weird seeing as I’m so often craving interaction. My girlfriend went off to work in the morning and I’d planned to meet a friend for lunch. Well, meeting up for lunch was what I intended to do, but I didn’t tell anyone else of these plans until this morning. I sent off a few messages while I mixed down episode 11 of the Pawdcast in my underwear, while snacking on an apple. No stress, just calmly monitoring while enjoying the serenity. It all fell apart and nobody was free/interested. No worries, I thought, my body is shutting down without food so I’ll just go it alone. My heart was set on a big bowl of pork bone soup and my body desired little more than catching up with my heart.

I found a quiet place and was stoked to see very few other customers. I took a seat by myself close to a heater, made my order and pulled out my phone. I had nowhere to be, no time constraints, plus the bowl came out bubbling and fresh. For the next hour or so I peacefully worked away at the soup. Aimlessly surfing around the internet, no agenda or direction, slowly enjoying the different components of my meal. I’ve been to a few Korean places now, and I’m used to the general assortment of side dishes. Sweet potato, glass noodles, pancake, mung beans, etc. Radish was one of the side dishes, which is not out of the ordinary. Cold macaroni and cheese is unusual and a cold sweet corn/apple medley was equally novel. It took a good half hour for the pork bones to be touchable and I relished in pulling them apart, tearing soft flesh from the bones one by one. I took my time finishing up, then wandered home in my own time, serenely taking in the surroundings.

The rest of the day has been totally placid. Fiddling around on the internet, watching Black Mirror (okay, so not entirely placid), eating rice crackers with hot English mustard (the things you do when nobody’s watching, eh?). After having been balls out busy for the past while, taking a day to relax and reset is doing wonders. My somnolence will likely hit its zenith around 9pm and I’ll gently slip away into animated dreams. It’s been by far the least eventful day I’ve had for weeks, but maybe that’s not such a bad thing. No matter who you’re with, as soon as you’re around another person your behaviour skews performative to some degree. It’s like that part of my brain has been switched off and cooled down. Hence the rice crackers/mustard thing.

And now that I’ve finished up here, I have company to attend to. Myself.


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