Taking my leave.

Somehow I was busy at work on my last day before two weeks vacation. Go figure. I’ve got a sinful evening ahead of me filled with sloth, gluttony, lust and anything else my girlfriend and I can tick off the list. Hence writing hurriedly on public transport to keep the rest of the evening devoted to one on one time with my partner (and the slow cooked rack of ribs we lasso’d for dinner). Mmm, home made barbecue sauce. Oh the places you’ll go…

I was stoked to leave the office with the knowledge that I’m not gonna have to see it for two weeks. I was ecstatic that I won’t need to think of work whatsoever. I did hand off, briefing the rest of the team on what I’d done and what was left. I set up a plethora of Outlook rules to auto-delete any unwanted email I could think of. I get at least a hundred emails every day. I’d greatly prefer not to return to an inbox of 1500 messages, so hopefully this can bring it down to a manageable number. I’d rather not spend my first day back deleting. I also discovered that Outlook has an “ignore” function, so if you’re ever unnecessarily tagged in an email thread (as I am many times a day every day), “ignore” will auto delete the message and every future message in the thread. Computers may not be smarter than us yet, but I’m relishing this middle ground before they discover how fallible and self-destructive we are (and decide to help move that along).

So the next few days are preparation to leave. Making sure that I’ve got any potentially necessary document (passport, travel insurance, etc) saved/printed. A friend has a London travel card he’s gonna lend me. I should stock my Kindle/phone/iPod up with books, games, TV and music. Perhaps check the weather reports to plan what to bring. Honestly, it’s probably the same as Toronto. I guess that means packing has to happen eventually too.

Most importantly, I discovered that food on the flight is available for pre-purchase. $15 for an in flight meal. Knowing full well how ridiculous that is, I’m clearly gonna bring my own. The last time I did, I made myself a 600g sandwich out of a loaf of bread. Assorted cold cuts, chicken, multiple cheeses, tomato, lettuce, pickles, all the condiments. Baggage allows both carry on and a personal item. Let’s just say my sandwiches are very personal to me.

So all that’s left for preparation is actually doing everything. Let’s start with ribs.


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