Eyes bigger than stomach are all the better to sightsee with.

The time had to come eventually. Much as I’d been hands off with this impending vacation, I couldn’t in good conscience get up and go to one of the world’s biggest cities without at least looking at potential adventures. Now that work’s in the past, my focus has shifted to what the next few weeks will offer. After polling a bunch of friends and looking around reddit, here are a few avenues I’m looking forward to exploring:

  • The Ropewalk Market – Otherwise known as Maltby Street Market. A weekend market with a variety of meats, seafood and local distilleries. Top notch food for some good ol’ fashioned gorging.
  • Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club – A lively and eccentric venue known for hosting a variety of comedy, theatre and burlesque events. I don’t know what I’ll be in for, but it’s nice to not know what to expect.
  • Prince Charles Cinema – A theatre that hosts fun, tailored film events. The kind of place that’ll accentuate a screening with on theme decorations, food and drink or curated additional content. Think Alamo Draft House sort of deal.
  • Junkyard Golf Club – An underground (literally underneath the earth) mini golf premises with four different courses. The courses are made from salvaged junkyard scraps. Every few holes there’s a bar to top up on drinks. Silly, probably touristy but a hell of a lot of fun.
  • Dennis Severs’ House – A historical recreation of what life would’ve been like in a family home of silkmakers. While that sounds fine, apparently the place is set up to seem like someone who lived there has just left the room. Efforts have been taken to recreate sights, sounds, smells and the feel of the era, to make things a little more organic.
  • Chistlehurst Caves – Old caves carved by the druids. Apparently David Bowie and Pink Floyd played there back in the 60s and the place is a blast to explore. Cheap tours in an underappreciated landmark.
  • Highgate Cemetary – Who doesn’t love strolling through the grounds of the dead. Apparently it’s stunning (and since London’s always rainy, I’m sure it’ll feel super cinematic) and there are good hearty pubs in close proximity. I need me a proper English roast and a pint!
  • Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio tour – I mean, if I’m gonna be there anyway…
  • Barbican Centre – Some sort of former residential estate turned weird art venue.¬†Strange vibe, but also with high profile shows.
  • Leake Street – A graffiti tunnel that’s some form of ongoing art piece. I loved exploring the Melbourne street art laneways and if this is anything similar it’s gonna be gorgeous.
  • The Invisible Dot Ltd, Laugh out London, Angel Comedy – If I’m gonna be there for two weeks, I should probably see what the comedy scene has to offer. It’s London, it’s gonna be a riot.

Then there’s the food and drink. I’ve gotta have a great big English breakfast, curry, fish and chips. I’m gonna go nuts trying all the different ales/stouts/strong beer from a country in close proximity to Europe. I’ll search out good coffee all over and grill friends for neat low key spots. If I didn’t lead with my belly, it wouldn’t be my kind of trip.


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