If they performed Grand Budapest Hotel, would West Enderson direct?

Okay, I’m about to lay to rest, my stomach contains two melatonin tablets, two cold & flu pills and the remnants of an entire pizza. Let’s do this, poindexters!

Within the past 28 hours or so, I’ve seen two West End shows. That’s an exceedingly higher percentage than I’d seen in the previous 28 hours to that. As you no doubt quickly surmised from my vague mathematical inferences, these were my first West End shows. I don’t want to say much, lest I spoil anything (hell, these shows are probably gonna run for another 10 years easily), but I’ll say as much as I can while skirting big plot points. I had the advantage of going in virtually blind and I’d love to pass on the same privilege.

First up was last night for Book of Mormon. I’d been hotly anticipating this show for ages. As the years passed, increasing numbers of friends mentioned how funny it was, how much of a blast it’d been. I missed it in New York, missed its run in Toronto. I mentioned it to my cousin here in London and he found us cheap tickets. Partial view, apparently, but if we missed out on anything I’m sure it was pretty minor. It was everything people had said. Hilarious songs that were somehow catchy, the most surprising use of a prop frog I’ve seen and far greater stagecraft than I’d expected. The cast was excellent, right down to the regular chorus/background members, all of whom were fantastic dancers, singers and general performers. If you get a chance, go watch.

The second show I saw, Wicked, is much fresher in my mind. I turned up just before midday to see if there was a lottery. Alas, no, but they did have “day of” tickets up for grabs. £29 for front row seats. I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. Also cause I’ve got a butt that won’t quit. I immediately grabbed one. By the time the performance rolled around I was psyched. With elaborate set pieces, costume and effects, it was a play not to be easily rivaled. The performers one again excelled, while the plot (especially with my lack of knowledge) was a compelling reinterpretation of the classic Wizard of Oz. Coupled with grandiose songs, it was enlivening to experience from start to finish.

Wicked sick, bro. Now let’s see if I’ve got a gang side I prepared earlier.


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