It was furtile ground after all.

Shameless self-promotion time. This entry is gonna be nothing but a big ol’ plug (with a flared base of course. Safety is important) for The Air Bud Pawdcast – Episode 12.

Why? Because I feel like I’m often negligent in my promotional duties as co-host. It’s my baby. This beautiful abomination is all my fault and I’ll be damned if I’m ready to be an absentee dad. We’re recording episode 14 tonight for fuck’s sake. That’s a lot of work put together. Just think of the hours I’ve sunk into this project. Approximately two and a half hours of viewing/note taking per film (13 films we’ve watched so far (the first episode was an episode zero), which means that’s 32.5 hours of viewing/note taking). A recording session takes around another three hours once you factor in technical difficulties, etc (so add another 39 hours). Then there’s the editing/mixing process, which adds another six hours per episode. So let’s add 72 hours to that (I haven’t edited episode 13 yet).

So by rough estimation I’ve put about 143.5 hours into this Pawdcast, not including social media and organisational duties. A mere 9856.5 hours and I’ll have achieved mastery, according to Malcolm Gladwell. I figure I’ve earned a little masturbatory promotion.

I listen to a ton of professional comedy podcasts and consequently, I’ve been feeling a little glum about our little pup. The quality differential is massive, and it seems pointless to tell people to listen to ours when there are much better options out there. Lately though, I’ve given a few amateur podcasts a spin and, well, The Pawdcast doesn’t come off so badly in comparison. Then during editing episode 12 I noticed how often I was involuntarily laughing out loud. It was a riot to record and listening brought back just how much fun we were having. It really shows in the packaged episode. Why was episode 12 so good?

Episode 12 marks one of the first times we’ve watched a Buddies movie and loved it. We really did. Spooky Buddies was ridiculous, but didn’t take itself too seriously. At the same time, the villains were spectacular (and in the case of the Howloween Hound, legitimately frightening for children). It was camp as hell, but actually had some great lines and attention to detail. Stockholm Syndrome maybe, but we had a fantastic time.

More importantly, our guest Tom McGee really brought his A-Game. A last minute addition (our booked guest got food poisoning), I’d wanted to bring him on for a later episode, but he took the call to adventure and stood up to the plate. He did his research, not only watching the film but listening to past episodes, getting into the flow of the Pawdcast. He researched the series and blew us away. Being a script writer himself, his understanding of structure and characterisation were a blast to hear. At one point he gives us a beat by beat list of every plot point shamelessly lifted from another film.

Moreover, the chemistry clicked. Tom jumped in less as a guest and more as a third co-host. We spent the whole time riffing, punning and dissecting whatever we could. The end result is an episode I’m quite proud of and perhaps justification for following this ludicrous idea to execution in the first place.

Enough talking. In case you didn’t get the link yet, here it is.


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