Socrates would’ve gone mad for Yahoo Answers.

Some questions:
  • How do dogs feel about Wasabi?
  • Is there a competitive Hamburglar mascot scene?
  • Why is it normal to have an exposed penis in a men’s bathroom, but not an exposed chest?
  • Which song has been playing in the background of the most deaths?
  • Trainspotting is a thing, but has anyone ever done spots (weed) on a train?
  • How did people discover that fugu was edible?
  • What is the most valuable, lightest item?
  • Who has the shortest work week in the world? How long is it?
  • What is the oldest VCR recording from television?
  • What is the longest traffic light in the world? The shortest?
  • Has anyone ever died from a banana peel slip?
  • Does the fastest oyster shucker in the world know of their talent?
  • Which person throughout history created the most words in any language?
  • Is there anyone who’s not allergic to pork, but is allergic to bacon?
  • What is Insane Clown Posse’s opinion of glue?
  • Do onions have an amazing use that we still haven’t figured out?
  • Kangaroos can box, but do they have the dexterity and mental faculties to wrap gifts?
  • Does Santa have a moral grey area?
  • Is there anyone with a fetish for frosting?
  • What is the stretchiest substance in the world?
  • Is there anyone who can sing loud empty or at a pitch that can dent metal?
  • Could a human get strong enough to punch someone’s head off?

An inquiring mind wants to know.


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