Sorry mate, this just didn’t workout.

Oh how easy it was to have great benefits. Throughout most of last year and the larger chunk of this year, my fitness needs were taken care of through physio. I had personal training sessions, eliminating the need to even think about what my body needed. I could instead throw that responsibility into the laps of people being paid for it. Like all good things, that got shut the fuck down. Now I’m the master of my own destiny, which sounds empowering but in reality is more work. Now working out requires a conscious intentionality. I’ve gotta think about how to engage my whole body before I end up on a path towards looking like Earthworm Jim (especially the thin head). Invariably, I do a shitty job at this. It’s so much easier to fall back on the exercises that are easier or more fun. Should I put effort into important but finicky posture based moves? Yes. Do I? But I could try to lift heavy things instead. Compounded by a super busy evening gym, it leads to me losing interest a lot quicker after having trouble thinking of what to do next.

I’ve always considered the idea of a gym buddy to be too bro-y for me. I see dudes in tank tops flexing together in front of mirrors while wearing backwards caps. That ain’t me. At the same time, there’s the aforementioned issue of losing interest after doing the same exercises time and time again. I find it really easy to plateau without encouragement and I get worried that my form isn’t strong enough to put up weights. How great would it be to have someone else there for company? You could ensure each other kept good form and encourage one another to put weights up, while not pushing towards reckless behaviour. Best of all, you’d each have a different palette of exercises that you liked, which you could share with someone else. That way you’d both be doing things that challenged you, getting a well-rounded workout, while helping a friend.

When I put it that way, having a gym buddy sounds great. At the same time, how would I find something like that. Getting a good fit (pun surprisingly not intended) is tricky. How do I find someone who:

  1. Is a similar fitness level to me.
  2. Knows proper form, a range of exercises and stretches.
  3. Likes all kinds of exercise, not just powerlifting.
  4. Has a personality worth spending time with a few evenings per week.
  5. Is diligent enough to keep at it (I’ve gone to fitness classes with friends before and burned them out every time).
  6. Isn’t *too* into it (working out is something I do, not something I am).
  7. Can tolerate my puns.

Is there a service for this? A personal ad for training? A personal training ad? It’d be kind of cool to find someone who was already a friend so I could cross #4 and #7 off my list. Or I could instead embrace my current path and buy tiny pants/huge shirts.


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