Is nutmeg the silly seasoning?

I’m not convinced I didn’t just go to work to drink. It’s the end of the year and we’d worked so far ahead that my physical presence in the office was pretty unnecessary. That didn’t preclude me from coming to imbibe Christmas spirits and spread holiday cheers (not a typo). I got to work, left to do some LCBO Christmas shopping, shared a bottle of Bailey’s with my co-workers, toured The Rapture of our floor (with most having left for the year yesterday), went down the slide, then stood around shooting the shit with the team. I did maybe ten minutes of work altogether.

I listened to Local Business Comedy’s annual Christmas album, this year a parody of cherished “Now That’s What I Call Music” pop compilations. Wrecking Ball, Panda, Can’t Stop the feeling and more got the festive treatment. As always, solid production values and respect for the pre-existing songs made the parodies shine bright. Chance the Rapper dropped a Christmas mixtape yesterday, bringing up the quota of excellent holiday tunes. One more collection to rotate with Kreezus and LCD Soundsystem’s “Christmas Will Break Your Heart”. I’ve been trying hard to shirk my Grinchhood. Bordering on 30, in control of my life in a way I couldn’t be as a child, being a Christmas curmudgeon no longer serves me. It really doesn’t have much to do with religion and there’s nothing to rebel against. It’s just a time of year when people are in a good mood. Why shit on that?

Maybe there’s it’s the intentionality to my mood, but I’ve found it hard to feel anything but festive. Listening to my audio book (and you can get your own free trial at – gotta be a hustler) on the commute, things seemed blissfully uneventful. With people having left Toronto for the holidays, a layer of stress peeled off. There was no pushing, no need to squeeze in or contort your body to some uncomfortable Tetris piece. Commuters smiled, relaxed. Even retail staff, during what should be busy last minute chaos, seem to be riding the same wave. Every interaction I’ve had has been friendly, pleasant. Yet again, who’s to know if that can be attributed to a general energy or the demeanour I’m putting out? Whatever it is, I’m on board.

As for the next few days, I’ve left them pretty unplanned. It’s nice to lie back into whimsy and take life as it comes. Movies, editing, games, quiet workouts, food, drinks, friends and intimacy both emotional and physical. So basically Eat Play Love. Sounds like the opposite of work. A true Christmas Miracle.


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