Getting unstuck in time around here.

It wouldn’t be an international trip if I could sleep the night before. Whether tradition, happenstance or annoying habit, my mind is always too wired for trifling rest. Every time, dating back to my USA trip at eight years of age. Why sleep when you could be endlessly processing? Imagining everything that could go wrong? The multitude of things you’ve forgotten? The things you ran out of time to do? Things, things. Always things. Only amplified by the weird mind state induced by taking melatonin and only getting five hours sleep. After waking at 4am, by 5am I cut my losses and figured I might as well be doing something. It’s getting plenty surreal around here. I’m not sure the cat hasn’t asked to be fed in human words.

If that wasn’t fun enough, we get to mess with time zones too. We’re out of Toronto, into Washington, out of Washington and into San Francisco, out of San Fran and into Auckland. San Fran sets us three hours back, which means my girlfriend and I get to celebrate our Toronto New Years midnight kiss an hour before our San Fran flight. Then another one two hours after. As if we needed excuses. As for killing time between all the stops, we have a ton of Game of Thrones to catch up on. We’ll take flight into 2017 on dark wings, with dark words. Somewhere along the line we cross over another few time zones and end up in GMT+13. God only knows where my addled, sleep deprived mind will be by then.

Mostly I’m wondering how much clamato juice I can cram into my baggage. It’s a commodity back home, where bloody Caesars are a family tradition (quick, somebody cue Topol again). If I still can’t manage to sleep on a 12.5 hour flight, I’m gonna need a strong one. We get in at 8.55am (on the 2nd of January), so there’s little choice but to hit the ground running. Either that or we spend the first few days shaking off jet lag.

I still haven’t worked out the kinks of daily entries in a different time zone. Seeing as we’re skipping the 1st of January altogether, will I need to do a double entry before reaching NZ? Or double up on the way back? What did I do on my way over here in the first place? Moreover, will travelling again give my entries a much needed booster shot? Things have gotten stale here recently and I want to try breathe more life into this project. Whatever hopes I had for it way back when, I didn’t intend for it to be the next evolution of Live Journal. I need something to change in order to reignite a spark long dormant. A change in surroundings, reuniting with familiar faces, experiencing the old with renewed perspective. Fingers crossed it works. Otherwise we’re looking down the barrel towards a long descent into describing my daily bowel movements.

And then I’m shit out of luck.


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