Emailevolence. Or why *not* to hire me.

I just accidentally made the typo “ocuntdown timer” which may indicate what kind of workday it’s been. Why are people so obsessed with setting meetings? We live in the age of connectivity. Have people not yet realised they can send an email and curtail the need for busy worker bees to get up and move to a single room? We’re not all capable of choosing when we want to take in new information. It’s a revolutionary concept and it’s high time that people get with the program. Maaaan, working from home yesterday was nothing but bliss. I could work steadily, uninterrupted by people coming to my desk or calling me.

***Sorry, I had to stop for a few minutes as someone came to my desk.***

Yet again, working from home was the best. I don’t know if I could do it full time, for exactly the reasons this New Yorker piece lays out. One day a week though? It’d allow me to recharge and feel less frustrated on a weekly basis. It’d also save me from accursed meetings with anyone but the cat. She interrupts every once in a while, but it’s less often and normally-

***Sorry, I had to stop for a few minutes as someone came to my desk. It’s almost like I have a job to do or something.***

Anyway, I’m still in awe of the fact that I can work from home and the framework is pretty simple. As long as my work computer is turned on (logged off is fine), I dial into it and run it through a remote access application. Then I can move between computers by pressing alt+tab. Have I remarked enough that we LIVE IN THE FUTURE? If I’ve got an appointment that’s closer to home, I can instead take the day at home, go to my appointment then go back home without stepping one foot into the office. All it takes is a two key combination! Technology truly is the magic of our world.

Of course, there are good things about both. Sometimes it’s helpful to be in the office. Let’s take a swing at some upsides of each.

Perks of working at home:

  • Sleeping in (though oddly enough I was technically two minutes late for work. Don’t tell anyone).
  • Clothing optional.
  • Cheap lunches.
  • Quiet.
  • Choose your own environment.
  • Only Big Brother is watching you.
  • No commute.
  • A wider wealth of options for taking breaks (midday naps included).
  • You could probably cook a roast without other people acting like it’s weird.
  • Not having to interact with anyone you don’t want to.
  • Avoiding the guy who loiters in the kitchen making conversation with anyone who passes by.

Perks of going to work:

  • Stops you from oversleeping.
  • Routine promotes productivity.
  • Free (terrible) coffee and tea in the kitchen.
  • Communal snacks on offer.
  • More expensive and comfortable furniture.
  • A slide. If you work at an office with a slide, that is.
  • The commute forces you to read/listen to something.
  • The stationary cupboard exists.
  • You can still cook an entire roast and when people ask to have some you can pause, think for a second and say “no.”
  • Social interaction is healthy. Probably. Sometimes co-workers are alright.
  • You can loiter in the kitchen making conversation with anyone who passes by.

Did you notice the word “meetings” on that list anywhere? FUCK NO. Meetings can go suck a fuck.


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