Well Nile-ism won’t be my problem any more.

The usual disclaimer for Magic the Gathering related posts. If this isn’t your thing, maybe come back tomorrow.

With that being said, now having seen the full Amonkhet spoiler, it looks like a bounty for the EDH/Commander crowd. There are a bunch of new legends that’re gonna be slung around kitchen tables soon. Zombies, an already popular archetype got a massive push (and potentially a nudge into Esper) and there are some spicy new mythics that’ll hopefully get some play in the format. Enough of that, let’s have a look at what’s got me excited.

Vizier of the Menagerie – Sweet, sweet value card. Future Sight was always busted in half. Have you ever played with one? It’s fucking absurd. God forbid you had a Sensei’s Divining Top or something of the like. Just gross. This Vizier isn’t quite as ridiculous, but chopping three mana off Garruk’s Horde and downsizing it would’ve been sweet enough. Having the ability to peak at your top card at any point is neat (just ask Sphinx of Jwar Isle) and a lot better than you’d imagine. The mana ability isn’t nothing, but it could also be handy from time to time.

Pull from Tomorrow – Seems like an improved Stroke of Genius, a card that was already decent. It’s instant speed draw x and while you discard one, that’s hardly a massive cost. How many EDH decks don’t have some cards they’d like in the graveyard? By the time you’ve drawn 4 or 5, you probably don’t mind tossing one or even filtering something you’d had in your hand already. Double thumbs up.

Heart-Piercer Manticore – Creature based removal is always something we want more of. Attaching a fling to a creature is sweet, but giving it embalm for double the fun gets even better. Plus it’s an optional ability, so if your floor is a 4cc 4/3 that’s not terrible. Not great in EDH, but you’re not crying either. Considering the number of times you’ll throw your otherwise chump blocked 15/15 at someone’s face, it’s probably worth the odds.

Harvest Season – YES. THIS IS WORT I’M TALKING ABOUT. In that it’s going straight into Wort the Raidmother. The floor on this (with conspire) is basically four basics for 2G. After you’ve already convoked another spell, you’re looking at eight lands for 2G. Anywhere up from that is straight up nuts and you should probably just go win.

Insult//Injury – While we’re talking Wort, how does quad damage for 2R sound? Follow that up with any x spell or alpha strike and you should probably win. If somehow you also Fork/Mirari/Reverberate it, then shit has gotten way past real.

Mouth//Feed – While we’re talking Aftermath cards, how rad is it that there’s now a card in magic called Mouth. That’s it, Mouth. Get your 3/3 hippo. It’s not a remarkable card, but it’s silly and fine, if it comes attached with a mini Collective Unconscious. It should get play in EDH.

Samut, Voice of Dissent – Flash, double strike, vigilance, haste, haste for the team. If that wasn’t enough, she has a rad untap effect (that’s also relevant with the haste, if you want to cast her as a six drop for a surprise ambush). Most players don’t realise how excellent it is to have a creature based haste enabler, but she does the job and then some. My only minor grip is that she’s not straight Gruul so I could slot her into Ruric Thar.

Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons – Okay, so the deck is super linear, but I’m making it. Shadowmoor/Eventide were fucking great and playing around with -1/-1 synergies was kick ass. I’m only too happy to dive back in, except now I get to double up on the Flourishing Defences with Scarab Nest. Swarms and sac fodder everywhere. Wickerbough Elder, perennial favourite mana dork Devoted Druid (ramp to 5 on turn 3. DOO IT), Grim Poppet and Mikaeus of the Unhallowed. Also I’m gonna throw in a Mazirek suite because I’ve always wanted to do those kind of dickish things.

Throne of the God-Pharaoh – Solid, solid card. Rewards you for turning your critters sideways. THE BEST PART OF MAGIC. Whether it’s getting more reach in your UW Merfolk deck, an elfball deck or some aggro concoction, this thing will routinely do three or four damage at the end of each of your turns. Sometimes a ton more.

Annointed Procession – It’s always great to double up on your doubling effects, and I’m sure Parallel Lives was due for some kind of reprint. If you’re running a GW token deck, you just got a big boost. There you go Trostani, Rhys, Ghave, etc. As if you needed new toys.

Shadow of the Grave – If anything in this set has seemed like it could enable truly busted shenanigans, I think it’s this card. At its worst it lets you double up on some kid of Wild Mongrel style creature for the kill. At best you play it post wheel and your opponents cry.

Ugh, I’ve gotta go pick a friend up from the airport, but I feel like I’m not even halfway done. This may not be the last you hear on this.


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