Fingers crossed I get a hold of everything I’m looking for by Dune or July.

The usual disclaimer for Magic the Gathering related posts. I know that yesterday I said maybe come back tomorrow, but I’ve still got shit I want to talk about in Amonkhet, so slow your roll. With that out of the way…

Honoured Hydra – How great is Honoured Hydra? Back in the day I loved Penumbra Wurm to bits. It was 5GG for a 6/6 trample that came back as a black version of itself when it died. That felt pretty fucking gnarly. Honoured Hydra on the other hand feels like a fusion of Penumbra Wurm and Roar of the Wurm. If you want to get the full Penumbra Wurm treatment you get a one mana discount upfront for more mana on the back end. Unlike Penumbra Wurm, Honoured Hydra is flexible. Who doesn’t like self-mill or discard? With Noose Constrictor (and the new minotaur bro Bloodrage Brawler) in standard you can run it just like Roar of the Wurm and have a sweet curve. RG madness in standard? Why not?

Vizier of Remedies – This card is silly good, much better than it looks on first glance. You wouldn’t think it was a combo machine or the second coming of Melira, but it is. It works gangbusters with persist creatures (Aerie Ouphes mean your opponents have no more flying creatures. Glen Elendra Archmage means your opponents don’t get noncreature spells any more) but also goes infinite with my main mana man Devoted Druid (will I ever stop repping his flag?) which Melira can’t do (since the -1/-1 counter is the cost, which Melira prevents you from playing).

Slither Blade – Not super exciting, but it’s hard to get lower for an evasive creature for all your saboteur abilities. Ezuri? Ninja deck? Coastal Piracy? It’s your boa.

Trespasser’s Curse – A common curse you can use to hose that token swarm deck at your table. I mean, that will usually be me, but if I’m not running Aura Shards I probably deserve to get shat on by this.

The Monuments – An uncommon cycle that’s great for EDH, varying in playability. The red one letting you cycle is fucking great. In fact, all the Naya ones are rad. Getting a 1/1 vigilance warrior for every creature you play will stack up. +2/+2 from the green one keep the beats/momentum coming and the trample makes sure it connects. Okay, so the black and blue ones are subpar, but they’re not dominant creature colours anyway.

Embalmer’s Tools – I’m sure this can enable some nifty shit. Reducing the cost of Unearth creatures is nice. Reassembling Skeleton and Bloodsoaked Champion get closer to Gravecrawler, which rocks. Glory and Genesis are way more affordable. I’m no doubt thinking small potatoes here. Also that second ability plays right into Undead Alchemist’s gameplan.

Cascading Cataracts – Failing anything, this means Bring to Light in a non-Experiment Kraj Simic deck can happen. Do with that what you will.

Shefet Monitor – I’m super interested to see how it plays. Krosan Tusker has always been close to an auto-include in a green deck. For one more mana you get the ability to put it straight into play untapped (though losing that one turn could be critical) and flexibility of searching up a Desert card. None of the new Deserts are making me lose my shit, but it could be fun to gain the ability to kill off x/1s with your land as a surprise ambush.

Combat Celebrant – It’s mega fragile, but holy shit will it wreck faces if it has the chance to go off. If you’re playing Naya with Ahn-Crop Champion and Samut, Voice of Dissent, then you’re bringing the pain every turn. From that point, I can only assume there won’t be many more. For the love of Fuck, please don’t do this with Aurelia on the table. Your opponents can only have so many dreams crushed.

Faith of the Devoted/Drake Haven – This is gonna be a neat deck. If you get New Perspectives rolling, you should probably just win. If Archfiend of Ifnir is in play, you’re a straight up nasty person.

Harsh Mentor – I always had a soft spot for Burning-Tree Shaman. I’m hoping this dude will pick up where BTS left off. Maybe I’m a mean person, but I plan on sowing as much salt as possible with Ruric Thar.

This set looks like a fun time for casual deckbuilding. That’s all I’m saying.


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