Cut It Out Toronto, you’ve got a Full House.

Why do all good things come in a deluge? Could we not have them all spaced out appropriately? Toronto right now is making a pretty convincing argument for CERN to pivot into Time-Turner R&D. I checked a website of astronomical (literally) events and there’s nothing special doing for June 8. The full moon isn’t until a day later. Why then, is there a celestial convergence of happenings on that one evening?

First up, The Avalanches. I actually bought a ticket to this gig. If the name isn’t immediately jogging your memory try listening to their track “Frontier Psychiatrist“. Electronic artists with a propensity towards excessive sampling, they seem pretty out there until you find their tracks burned into your brain, immovable. Since I Left You was a straight up masterpiece start to end, the kind of album I’d be so tempted to wankily refer to as an aural journey. Instead I’ll just say that it was “stonking”, because it makes me sound more down to earth. Innit? The really fun part about The Avalanches was after making such a huge ruckus in the early 2000s, they vanished. The eagerly awaited follow up never materialised. Like Chinese Democracy, every year passed with another rumoured release becoming a total letdown. Eventually it felt like a Cry Wolf situation, until last year. It finally happened and in 2016, while every single celebrity was dying, Wildflower was born into this world. A great fucking album, dare I say it was worth the wait? Listen to lead single “Frankie Sinatra” and you can be the judge. Once tickets went on sale I leapt at the chance.

Chris Gethard recently announced a performance in Toronto. I’m certain I’ve mentioned him before, ’cause he’s one of my favourite comedians bar none. His material is so intimate, personal and hilarious in the face of potential bleakness. He finds a way to cut through the noise and really connect with his audience, whether it’s through his sets, cable access show or Beautiful Anonymous podcast. The latter is a weekly podcast where Gethard has an hour long conversation with an anonymous caller on any topic of their choice. Fans from all walks of life phone in and he has a habit of bringing honesty out in their stories. His performance in Toronto will involve both stand up material and a live recording of his podcast. Having become a massive fan after seeing his phenomenal one man show Career Suicide at JFL42 last year (and you can watch it now on HBO), I couldn’t pass up the chance to see him again. So now I’ve got some Avalanches tickets to sell. Guess I’ll see them in another 16 years.

Only thing is, I forgot that Australian sketch comedy maestros Aunty Donna were touring through North America late May/early June. Of course, they happen to be performing Toronto on the 8th of June, because it was written in the stars. Totally off the wall, Aunty Donna produce bizarre sketches that’ll make you shit bricks of laughter. “Bigoted Bill” is a good place to start. Each skit kind of revolves around workplace shenanigans, but only in the loosest sense. I can’t really say too much about them to pull you in. It’s the kind of ridiculous humour that you’ll either fucking love or you’ll have no sense of humour.

All of this in one night? In one city? In the immortal words of Uncle Jesse, Have Mercy.


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