Should’ve just called it a wetting, ’cause there wasn’t a dry face in the house.

Last night held my first Toronto wedding and holy shit, what a wedding. In advance I’d like to extend my gratitude to my co-author, the entry for the word “lovely”. It’s pulchritudinous.

I’m a huge fan of weddings. I’m a total sap who gets fully amped when people I love celebrate their love. I also fall head over heels for the notion of a couple adding personal touches to their big day. Going to an event and realising just how much of themselves they’ve put into the proceedings is hugely rewarding. With each little nod or wink the event throws your way, you realise by extension how much you really love the happy couple. The ceremony can say so much about whoever’s throwing it and some couples frankly have a lot to say.

From start to finish, the event was enchanting, engaging and exquisitely put together. Pretty sure my heart grew three sizes enough times that the growth became exponential. By the end of the night I was left ambling around as a big squishy ball of love. They began the event with a few musical numbers performed by friends. Bjork’s “Jóga” was an emotionally compelling open, followed up by a soft ballad (that I entirely don’t know the name of) and a number guaranteed to bring the house down. As an aside, the aisle song at my best friend’s wedding was Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon”. Nestled in my heart is this vivid memory of standing at his side as his bride walked the aisle, feeling a huge surge of emotion. The sun shone down and both of us had eyes full of tears. So I’m sure you can imagine my heart skipping a few beats hearing an acoustic performance of that same song as the groom walked the aisle, clutching his mother’s arm. It was far from my last cry of the evening, but it was the one that let loose the dam.

The ceremony was wonderful, with a celebrant who knew what she was doing. Just like the two of them, the vows were intensely personal, funny and undeniably charming. I was overwhelmed with the depth of my love for both of them and everything they’d built together. They’ve been through so much and to add one more straw, the dog they’d adopted together passed away suddenly on the eve of their wedding. Its collar was fastened around the bride’s bouquet and later clipped to the groom’s vest pocket. Just another of my many, many weepy moments from last night.

The table spread was awesome. A huge assortment of cured meats, cheeses, pickled vegetables, crackers, breads, preserves, dips and spreads. The open bar was well stocked with beer, wine, spirits and mixers. The staff- all friends of the couple- were overwhelmingly friendly and helpful. The night thankfully went off stress free and I can’t imagine it going any better. Once we’d all had a bite to eat and a drink in hand, the couple had their first dance. WITH MOTHERFUCKING LIGHT UP COLOUR CHANGE SHOES. Fun, silly and 100% loveable just like them. After a couple more drinks came the speeches. The parents, best man and maid of honour all delivered with hilarious and touching anecdotes. I don’t know how we’re doing with the whole climate change affair after the warmth of that room. I wouldn’t be surprised if the doomsday clock ticked up a few notches. I’d never met the bride or groom’s parents and one thing that shined through was why they’ve become the people that they are. You could really see where their sense of humour, attention to detail, skill with words and generous affection came from. Their parents obviously carried these qualities and passed them on.

The rest of the night was a splendid. With a zero douchebag quotient, everyone was overwhelmingly friendly and welcoming. Guests got their drink on and the dance floor heated up, buoyed by a great playlist the couple had curated. They’re both musical people and it showed, with a mix of fun dance floor classics and newer hits. We all had such an excellent time, plus my girlfriend and I looked babely (as evidenced by the Polaroid we took and pegged to the photo wall). After all was said and done, we stumbled into our front door just after 5am, shocked at how late it was.

Words can’t express how wonderful the wedding was, but just in case I guess you could say it was alluring, captivating, delightful, gorgeous, sweet, dainty, scruptious, pretty, graceful, bewitching and lovesome.


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