I’m certain tomorrow will be better. I get to eat a sandwich on a bus.

I’ve been in a grouchy mood most of the day. Primarily because the cat decided to be a furry anus and yowl constantly outside the bedroom at 5.30am, stopping only to jump at the handle or barge into the door. This went on until 7am, at which point I figured I’d been fully conscious for an hour and a half, I was unlikely to get back to sleep. Today’s been a day that’s delivered both the good and the bad. You know what that means… BULLET POINT ENTRY:

  • Bad: Even in her sleepy state, my girlfriend refused my offer to dip the cat in a bucket of carbonite.
  • Bad: Upon waking and checking Facebook, I read of Chris Cornell’s death. While my tastes over the years have mostly shifted away from grunge, metal and most things prog, grunge was essential in sparking my interest in music. When I deep dived into the annals of rock at age 14, I was pulled instantly into the music my brothers had listened to at the same age. This basically consisted of Seattle’s big four and Tool. While I’d always like “Black Hole Sun”, hearing Superunknown in full was a revelation. I mean COME ON. Chris Cornell’s range blew me away and I needed more. I devoured the remainder of their back catalogue, Temple of the Dog, and adored both his solo work and Audioslave side project. Hearing his capability to turn on a dime from bestial growl to soft crooning meant that virtually every cd, mini disc mix and iPod playlist I put together over the next five or six years featured something Cornell. Seattle’s lost one more of it’s favourite sons.
  • Good: I woke up before my alarm.
  • Bad: If I’d had my choice, I would’ve chosen the alarm.
  • Good: I got out of the house earlier than the norm, allowing me to go to a sweet little neighbourhood coffee joint.
  • Good: On my way there, a little girl on a pink bike with streamers zoomed past. She was trying so hard that she started getting speed wobbles. Nostalgia washed over me.
  • Good: The coffee at Contra Café was its usual pleasant self. Gotta love them Social beans.
  • Bad: Getting to the bus, there was a massive line. It looked like it was time to stand in a cramped bus on a hot day.
  • Good: A bus arrived as the prior one filled up. I waited 20 seconds and boarded an empty bus.
  • Good: I was on time for work.
  • Bad: Because of my pending holiday weekend, work was busy.
  • Good: A holiday weekend was coming up?
  • Bad: They’d booked an hour long team meeting on a busy day before said holiday weekend.
  • Good: The meeting had cookies.
  • Bad: The peanut butter ones were down the other end of a long table.
  • Good: I had to “suffer” through oatmeal chocolate chip and double chocolate. Life is tough.
  • Bad: I was slammed with a shit ton of administrative shit getting in the way of completing my work.
  • Good: I don’t have work tomorrow.
  • Bad: I had to do all my tomorrow work today anyway.
  • Good: I got to try my new pre-workout before the gym.
  • Good: I didn’t suffer immediate heart palpitations. Workout was swell.
  • Bad: Toronto was apparently in for heavy thunderstorms.
  • Good: I dodged all of them.
  • Good: My girlfriend made gazpacho.
  • Good: The gazpacho was goddamn delicious.
  • Good: I’m now on holiday.
  • Good: I’ve finished my writing for the day.
  • Bad: Tomorrow is another day.

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