It’s a common affliction, trust me.

I think I’m developing Space Madness. I’ve been cooped up all day in a prison of my own volition. Feeling unwell I stayed home from work. Unfortunately, aside from a couple of salt water gargles, some off-brand NeoCitran and the Hail Mary that is Oil of Oregano, I’ve still managed to spend most of my waking hours at the computer. Healthy living, eh?

To be honest, aside from the solid two or so hours I spent vidya gaming this morning. Oh, and the hour or two I lost catching up on some Brooklyn Nine Nine. Shit, I can’t not mention the three or so hours spent aimlessly clicking around on The Internet. Well aside from that, I’ve been studying. Wait, I did also venture into and out of the kitchen maybe 25+ times, can’t forget that. GODDAMMIT ALL, I HAVE BEEN STUDYING I HAVE.

Studying pourquoi you c’est? Studying up on the rules for this megagame I’m helping out with tomorrow. And what, I hear you ask, is a megagame (and yes, I literally heard you ask that in my head. Thanks to good ol’ Space Madness)? Think a role playing game like Dungeons and Dragons, but on a larger scale. Instead of five or so players, this one’s closer to 50 or 60. The particular game we’re running is called Watch the Skies. Want the spiel? Well I heard a resounding “yes” thanks to Space Madness, so here we go. Watch the Skies is basically a large scale Model United Nations role playing game. When I say large scale, I mean eight player nations each with their own military, heads of state, politicians, communications and scientists. Alien sightings have emerged with alarming frequency and it’s up to the nations of the world to decide how to handle it. Are they friend or foe? Could they be leveraged for political gain? Their superior technology harnessed to advance nations’ military might? Will everyone be able to forget personal squabbles to co-operate against the encroaching invasion? Or will the world be left a festering heap after tempers run high and the nukes start flying? We’ll find out tomorrow.

I’m studying feverishly today because I, being the lazy lout that I am, have left everything to the last minute. I had months to learn the rules, but as was the case with most of my university career after first year, I did the bare minimum before crunch time. Given that I’m co-running Military Control, one of the most rules dense sections of the game, I should probably know how the rules work. Not only that, but I should know them well enough to explain to others. Today (except for the aforementioned gaming, TV, internet dawdling and eating) has been spent brushing up on the rules and weaving between multiple rule sets to find the optimal combination. I then funnelled that info into a written introduction to establish the rule set for the players tomorrow. They have some prior knowledge (though most of them probably half-arsed it as much as I did), but I’ve got a mere 15 minutes to explain it before the first round commences. Fingers crossed they don’t see through my clear ineptitude. Shit, I need some aviators for cover.

From everything I’ve heard of the event, it’s an insanely packed day that gets out of hand quickly. There are 15+ volunteers just to keep this running. Fortunately, when all else fails at the core of everything it’s a role playing game. As long as I’m consistent and fair, I can make up any rules I forget.

If it goes south, I can simply blame Space Madness.


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