Go Naps! We the Snore!

Congrats to the Raps!

The city is alive today. People climbed atop a TTC vehicle. Idiots were chastised for being menaces downtown. Some dude in the house across from me was playing 80s music and dancing in a circle to himself. Mostly, people are pretty chuffed. I don’t really care about the game itself, but it’s quite satisfying to see people let go of the tension they’ve been holding for anywhere from a week to two and a half decades. It all feels like a Boston Red Sox situation. Years and years of disappointment. Not quite getting there. Have the Raps ever made some kind of finals before? I know googling it would be only too easy, but I can’t be bothered right now. I’m gonna assume by everyone’s reactions that it’s the case. So GO TEAM! You don’t get dudes dancing in a circle on their lawn to 80s tracks without the Raps making the finals for the first time, THEN WINNING. I’m past the weird adversarial stance I used to take in my teens and early 20s. You know, that whole this isn’t my thing so fuck this thing thing? It’s not my thing, but people are stoked and outside of a smattering of douchebag behaviour, that’s all it is. People aren’t taking this excuse to be shitty. That in itself almost feels worthy of celebration. Yay, go Raptor fans!

I finished season 1 of Barry last night. Turns out people were right. The show is excellent. It took me a few episodes to get there, but then again I didn’t find myself truly enjoying Mad Men until near the end of the first season. Good things take time. Especially cheese. Apparently critically lauded cable dark comedies too. The show does a fantastic job of slowly adding in cumulative elements that get adroitly accessed at pivotal moments. There’s not a ton of waste in the script. The characters develop and learn, with the backdrop of the acting class providing thematic advancement. Henry Winkler is a fucking vision in this show. Also, who knew Bill Hader was a legit actor? The layers of an actor playing a hitman playing a bad actor trying to learn to be a better actor without giving away secrets are stacked so high, and he walks that tightrope without slipping. I had a little frustration feeling like they weren’t doing enough with newcomer Sarah Goldberg’s character, but she seemed to get bulked up as it went along. Though Anthony Carrigan kills it with probably my favourite character. Maybe the critics know what they’re talking about with this one.

Ugh, I’m tired. This entry has been a slog, and well over 30 minutes in the making. Some days you have it. Today I don’t.

Maybe I should have a nap instead.

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