Tell me that opening line doesn’t sound like a dog’s internal monologue

Today is a good day. I was jogging, and for the first time ever a fellow jogger waved and smiled at me before I could wave and smile at them.

I also chatted with one of my pending co-workers. Lovely guy, he reached out when he saw me reply on an email chain. He asked if I wanted to meet up, since we were both in the same boat of leaving the company at large to become independent contractors. Of course I said fuck yeah, and made the time. Very sweet dude, we both talked about our paths to this company, and this new job. I didn’t ask how old he is, but I wouldn’t be surprised to find we were the same age. Similar lives in some ways, very different in others. He immigrated from Mumbai about five years ago. Came over with a wife and kid, then had another kid two years ago. He’s been trying to network, find composer/audio positions for most of that time, but took a role in a more sales oriented department. For him, the shift work will allow him to devote time to grow his audio profile, take on other work. It’ll allow him to be present in his kids lives in a much more conscious manner, which is one of his prime motivations. We chatted for a good hour or so, just hearing about how we’d each gotten here. My fingers are crossed that any of my new co-workers will be half as personable, and I’ve got a good feeling that most of them will.

For me, I’m seeing the shift work as an open future to learn who I am and what I want to be doing. I’m excited to start the job, try my hand at something new and accumulate fresh skills. I’m thrilled to be in a position that’s providing a legitimate service for those with alternative needs. I’m also fascinated by the notion of what four days on, four days off will do to my life. It’s the epitome of a work/life balance. Talking with this new co-worker, he was set on looking at how he could use this time to take on other contracts. For me, this job will already be paying me a ton more than I’m currently earning. It’s an opportunity to widen my views, talents and interests. I was grinding my coffee in the atrium this morning, looking out across the lake. I noticed the hem of my favourite pair of jeans, torn as it has been for a while.

I thought about how much it would cost to get fixed, or if a friend of mine would know how to fix it. Then I thought again and wondered could I take sewing lessons with that much time off? How hard would it be to fix it myself? What about other manual skills? Simple home maintenance? Spending more time cooking? Having ready made meals in the freezer? Could I try my hand at comedy again? Write more? Get a bike and take rides around the city, just to explore? What will having that kind of headroom do to my brain? For my creativity? What will that reduced stress do to my blood pressure? Will I be able to maintain fitness without struggling to fit it into my workday? It’s no secret that writing these entries daily has long since lost its lustre. Is that something I could get back? The joy of written expression? Could I even do more longform, considered pieces?

Today is a good day. I’ve had a ton of them lately. Is that what the new normal could be?

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