Fiio fo fum

Hi there. Welcome to my day off.

It’s a marvellous thing. My only problem right now is that I’m wearing my trusty lion onesie, but I’ve also loaded up on coffee. I have no problem being a perky so and so, but I’m engaged in a constant battle between robing and disrobing. Back and forth, to and fro, from one seat to another. At worst, I guess I’m keeping active. I have a bunch of days off ahead of me, and very few plans set in stone. It’s understandable that I’m fidgety, and caffeine certainly hasn’t helped.

Sorry, I just got distracted looking up mp3 players for an hour. Oh, and now I need to bathroom again. I guess that’s my day.

It’s 2019. I can’t believe that I’ve spent months trying to find an mp3 player. I know we’re in the darkest timeline, where the nail in Trump’s coffin might be a Nickelback meme he made. Still, this mp3 player thing is bonkers. WHAT IS MY PROBLEM? Honestly, it’s analysis paralysis. I want to make a good investment in something that will last, but I also have preconceived ideas of what an mp3 player should be, likely based on owning many iPods. I want something sturdy with physical buttons. I don’t love touchscreen stuff. It feels more vulnerable, and I hate the idea of a screen sapping my battery life. I want a large capacity (at the very least, iPod size), and decent battery life. At the very least, 10+ hours. I want good sound quality, but I also realise that I’m gonna be loading it with 320kbps mp3s, not FLAC. So midrange will be fine. I have very specific tastes, and I’m sure that the ideal player for me is out there.

But here’s the thing, I have too many options. I made an excel spreadsheet with pros and cons, features, etc. It’s not comprehensive, so when I get the gusto back up to start searching for mp3 players again, I forget all the stuff I’ve left out. Then I’ll be like “oh I like this one. I should buy it”. I’ll read a review or two and realise I don’t like its battery life. Or it has a weird, unintuitive UI, or it’s touchscreen, or has wifi. I’ll dive down the rabbit hole of alternative options, and after an hour I’ll bury my head in my hands and close my browser. Lather, rinse, repeat. It’s not getting me any closer to buying a new player.

I know what the answer is. I just need to find something that ticks off enough boxes, and not worry about it being perfect. But I waaaaant something perfect. If I’m spending $400+ on a new device, I don’t want it to ship along with mild disappointment. That’s a pretty hefty investment for me, in something that I’ll use daily for several years. It feels like there’s a lot of pressure to make the right call, but that’s all in my head. Just because I know it’s not as big a deal as it seems, that hasn’t cognitively helped me to look past my preconceptions and biases to find something suitable. So it’s back to square one every time.

I know I should just buy the Fiio X5 Mark ii, but what if there’s a better option?

I guess we’ll find out six months down the line, when I finally make my choice.

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