Your boogie is a wonderland

Egads. I’m still waking up and it’s 9.30pm.

Long night out. It seemed like everything was happening last night in Toronto. German Sparkle Party has become a rave mainstay over the past few years. Having sprung from a weird viral video, people get dressed up in the sparkliest attire they can find, and dance their booties off. We didn’t go there. There was Krampus Ball, a rave with live performances, based around the half-goat/half-demon. It’s flashy and creepy, with some top tier costuming all around. We didn’t go there. There was a (pretty affordable) fetish party, and I’m sure at least two other big events that we didn’t go to. We went to the Everybody party, and had the best fucking time.

Last night was the first anniversary of their parties. Over the past year, they’ve become some of my favourite spaces. Endlessly welcoming and supportive. Good vibes incarnate. Most attendees are pretty chill, and in the rare case that people are being shitty, there are safety people who’ll de-escalate or get rid of anyone who’s being a menace. My girlfriend and I wore matching sparkly outfits. A tall friend gave me a disco style jumpsuit that was too short for them. It fits me perfectly. It’s also polyester, and thus mostly composed of sweat. I drank absurd quantities of water, and had to get near nude most any time I wanted to go to the bathroom. Everywhere I looked, I saw another friend. It was an easy sign that we were in the right place. Without exaggeration, there were probably 20 or so friends I got to hang out and/or dance with last night.

Post party, we all went back to our friends’ place to relax. They’d been looking forward to hosting, so we had blankets, pillows, snacks and soft toys galore. They have a projector set up in their lounge. We watched youtube clips, listened to music and threw on a few movies. It was the best. We all went on dumb riffs and bits. Friends shared stories of vulnerability and growth. We mostly lay around and got comfy. A friend had a bunch of chocolate chip cookie edibles and they coasted us through. It was gratifying to be able to spend so long hanging out with people without tiring of them whatsoever. We hung out for HOURS. Enough that my girlfriend and I finally dragged ourselves out of the house just before 1pm. Today has mostly been a throwaway day, and I’m absolutely fine with that. I had nothing to accomplish, and I’ve EXCELLED at that. This writing was literally the only task I needed to do, and now that’s in the can.

Like I was, every ten minutes after drinking twice my body weight in water.

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